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The Best Crochet Stuffed Animals & Amigurumis

Written by Kate Curry

How To Crochet Stuffed Animals

It’s easier than you think to create your own stuffed animal friends! If you're just jumping into the world of making your own amigurumis and stuffed animals - be aware! As soon as you start making them, people (and furbabies) will be begging for their very own handmade stuffie!

A black puppy is nosing through a pile of multicolored yarn

Here are 5 main tips we have if this is your first amigurumi / stuffed animal project:

  1. Learn how to work in the round
  2. Be confident in your increases and decreases
  3. Stuff your new friend evenly! (Use more in the feet and hands, then in the legs and arms, if you want it to be more bendable)
  4. Use stitch markers and keep count of your stitches
  5. Be aware of gauge, and make it consistent throughout the project

Easy Crochet Animals For Beginners!

I’ve got a ton of kits, patterns, and tutorials to choose from!

DIY Peacock Stuffed Animal

A peacocked stuffed animal made out of yarn

Looking to make a baby or child gift, or for a gift for your crafty friend? Whether you're an intermediate or advanced crafter, this project is delightfully adorable and will help you develop your color and shaping skills.

Recycled Silk Baby Hippo

A stuffed hippo, made out of deep blue and teal chunky yarn.

This ADORABLE baby hippo will make your day. Made with our Super Bulky Recycled Silk, this crochet pattern will bring a smile to anyone's face

Amigurumi Puppy

An amigurumi puppy, made out of variegated pink yarn is being held in a child's lap

Create your own stuffed animal puppy dog with this crochet amigurumi  pattern! A great amigurumi  pattern for beginners, this pattern only takes only 1 skein of yarn and some basic crochet stitches.

Cute Bat Amigurumi

A round bat made out of black and rainbow yarn

Follow along with this free stuffed animal crochet tutorial and pattern to have a cute little blood sucking buddy!

Check Out Our Tutorial!

Harvest Turkey Amigurumi

A stuffed turkey made out of white, brown, yellow, and orange yarn.

Create a fun holiday turkey with this kit by Darn Good Yarn. This could be your next best friend to snuggle up with, or the gift for someone special in your life!

DIY Amigurumi Frog

An amigurumi stuffed animal frog is sitting on the window ledge, leaning up against two potted plants.

It isn’t easy being green…but this funny frog makes a great companion, it's full of personality!

Snake Amigurumi Tutorial

A hand outstretched, a rainbow snake wrapped around their arm

Slither into this fun stuffed animal tutorial and make yourself a scaly and not-so-scary snake!

Check Out Our Tutorial!

Brown Bear Amigurumi

A brown bear is sitting in the sun, wearing a pink lacy collar around it's neck.

The best, cutest and most perfect stuffed brown bear crochet pattern ever. This pattern features our speckled tweed recycled silk yarn. You'll be hooked!

DIY Amigurumi Fox

An amigurumi stuffed fox made out of white and orange yarn.

Calling fellow forest spirits! Make a friend for life with this super cute Fox amigurumi kit.

A Stuffed Bumblebee

An adorable yellow and black crocheted bumblebee is flying through a meadow, smelling one of the bright pink wildflowers.

You won’t get stung by this stuffed animal…well…you shouldn't! Never say never!

Check Out Our Tutorial!

DIY Unicorn Amigurumi

A unicorn with a rainbow mane is sitting on a wooden desk.

Enter a world of magic with this fun amigurumi kit. Create this fun friend and learn new skills at the same time!

Wanna learn more about amigurumis? Check out our tutorials!

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