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8 Alternative Knitting Ideas That Won't Hurt Your Hands and Wrists

Time Marches On

Okay, so let's face it! Some of us aren't as young as we use to be! I have discovered body parts I never knew I had because they now talk to me on a regular basis. Some days the aches and pains are subtle, other days they scream at me! I love life and know this is part of aging but what to do?

I am learning acceptance (not easy for a notoriously strong personality). The other thing I am learning to do is to listen to my body and accommodate myself where I can. After a day on the lap top working with Darn Good Yarn, I go for a walk, put my feet up, and bend and stretch to get things moving again. I have used my hands a lot in life and want to listen when they speak about pain, too!

And So Can You

Crafting is something I love to do and you do, too, right? What can we do to still stick with our passion for knitting or crocheting and still listen to our hands. Here are a few of the ways I am learning to adjust and still craft!

yellow silk yarn over a white background

1.Do your hand work...when your hands work! Don't force it if the arthritis or whatever is painful. Give yourself a break! Look at beautiful yarns, read patterns, dream!

2.Remember also, that saying "if you don't use it, you lose it". Maybe you have days where you can't do a lot of knitting but try and do a small bit. Whether a few rows or a few stitches, give it a try. It is exercise after all!

3. Try a bit of wine while you knit! Your muscles and aches won't  feel so bothersome and it certainly couldn't hurt!

4.Try patterns that contain different stitches. Something as simple as a purl row versus knit will give your hands a slightly different motion. Change of motion gives different parts of your hands an opportunity to limber up and strengthen.

Bigger Can Be Better

yarn and knitting needles over white backgroundorange chiffon yarn

5.Think bigger! Make projects that you can see (bulky yarns) and use bigger needles for your knit projects. Bigger means easier to handle, easier to hang out to on the days where you have the dropsies.

mannequin wearing a chiffon ribbon scarf

6.Arm knitting is a great way to still craft scarves and other things. The best part is that you can use your arms and give your hands  a break. It's quick and will give you some great handmade gifts without a lot of hand use...perfect!

Adjusting To Life

colorful knitting looms over a white background

7.Loom knitting is great for achy hands as you will have a whole different motion than what you use for traditional knitting. You still get the knit stitches that you know and with different motion, can work up some lovely hand made things. Looms are great for the kids, too! 

8.I haven't tried the Portuguese knitting method but  have been told that if you’ve been suffering from arthritis, tendinitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, or any other aches and pains which have prevented you from knitting as much as you’d like, this is the knitting method that will keep you knitting!

Isn't it crazy when we look in the mirror and are reminded of the long path we have traveled? I love every gray hair and wrinkle; my life badges of honor. I have no intention of sitting quietly and watching life go by. I listen when my body tells me to take it easy and I am learning new skills to accommodate my aging body.  I love my Darn Good yarns, figuring out what life looks like now, and besides, who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?