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Sari Skirts and A Few Questions Answered

Darn Good Yarn hand-selects 600 women in Nepal and India for their skill and offers them appropriate means to support their families that not only allows them to survive, but to thrive. By allowing these women to work from home, Darn Good Yarn has the ability to spread employment opportunities to people who might not otherwise have the chance.

sari skirts hanging from a string

Maybe you already have a few sari skirts and love them. Maybe you only have one and want more. Or maybe you keep looking at them, but just can't decide because "what are they made from and can I choose the color"? Or maybe you have one and wanted to exchange it for a different length but chose not to because we couldn't give you the same exact pattern and colors. We get it and wanted to take an opportunity to answer two quick questions that we get asked a lot.

Color My World

woman with colorful clothes walking over a field

Every single one of these skirts are handmade by women in India and Nepal. They are made from manufacturers remnants and seconds of sari material that would otherwise go into landfills. We tell you on the website that they are made of an blend of viscose silk and soft rosgulla sari fabric. When our amazing female artisans get the material brought in, they piece the remnants of material together when they are making these skirts.

woman with a sari skirt walking over a busy street

No Two Alike

Now you know where the material comes from and how they're made, which brings us to our next common question - can you send me two of the same skirts? Nope, we sure can't. We seriously would if we could! Literally, EVERY single one of these skirts is different. But isn't that incredible?! You have something that is truly one of a kind and there is a beautiful redemptive story behind it. You are part of that story! 

We love that you are part of the unique one of a kind sari story! We look forward to many more chapters with you and thanks for making this all happen! You are beautiful inside and out. xo The DGY Team