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Nicole’s Fall Favorites

Hi there!

Ah yes, fall. Fall for me is incredibly special. My daughter was born at the end of September and I will never forget my first (and very exhausted-hit-by-a-bus) stroll I took with her and my husband, Mike. The leaves were changing and there was that crispness. It was a magical time.

Nicole, Mike, and Anna are out for a stroll in the fall sunshine, Nicole wearing a white dress and a flower crown, carrying a large green plant. Mike is wearing a white shirt and tan shorts while pushing Anna in her stroller.

For me, I am like a little squirrel once September starts. I’m gathering everything up so that as soon as that first snowflake hits, my hygge game is strong… so strong.

It’s also a very strong time for me to start new habits even more so than January 1!

I’m going to break down how I leverage the fall and maybe you’ll pick up some ideas.

Nicole and Anna racing each other in a pumpkin patch.


So, the light in my 250 year old house starts to change with this season. It gets darker. I take to the concepts of Danish design and try to make pockets of light in my living spaces. I rearrange furniture and lamps to make cozy little nooks for crafting, reading and playing.

A pile of organic veggies and a watercolor paint pallet are resting on a tan and black marble countertop.

I do a fall cleaning of the attic and the basement. With the holidays approaching, I make a mental inventory of where decorations are and those once-a-year items are. Cheese board? Yes, please!


At work, I am fortunate to have a local building and land healer close by. She helps me with energetic cleansing of the space. Because we go into window lock-down once it gets chilly, this is important to keep the energy flowing when we can’t as readily sage and clear spaces.

Craft room

It’s go time. I re-organize this bad boy because I go into all of my big projects. I pull out nice sized baskets and I sort what I need for them and put them together. They’re like fabulous Easter baskets…all for me. This allows me to again take inventory and ensure I have everything. No more of “damnit, where is that other needle”.

Nicole and Anna are sitting on the floor of Nicole's craft room painting together, smiling at the camera.

Now for things I love this time of year- here is a list of my favorites for resources.

Tools-books-notions I have a slight obsession with art books and gardening books. This site allows me to stock up on used versions. I love them as references for the long haul and it doesn’t break the bank. The site also has an awesome loyalty program to help you earn free books.

Uppercase Magazine: Ohhh when the Uppercase Magazine arrives I’m transported back to when I was 10 and Highlights visited my mailbox. Each magazine is a keepsake reference of amazingly curated fiber art and beyond. It’s like what Pinterest wishes it could be:)

Fun tote bags from MOMA. I always have a project going… I lie, I have 6 projects usually going at once. MOMA has some really cool totes with inspirational artistic sayings.

Scissor sharpener - The best $5 you can spend. there are so many courses on here to introduce you to new skills that get you ready for the chilly months ahead.

Marie Kondo on Netflix. There are a few shows featuring this wonderful organizer. I like to put it on in the background while I’m working or cleaning. I pick up little tips and get motivated to continue to clear space and get organized. She has changed my life!

Food-Drink and of course, snacks!

Let’s start with snacks! I’m a simple girl and I start playing around with all iterations of chocolate chip cookies and clean out the random sprinkles and nuts and dried fruits in my cabinets. I make small batches and just go for it on a Saturday morning.

Speaking of small batches, I have been in love with this little magical Ninja Kitchen blender contraption! I like it because it makes just small batches and doesn’t use as much energy and the kale chips that I make coming out of there… OMG awesome

A small batch ninja food processor/blender, filled with processed greens.

For dinner this time of year, I LOVE boneless chicken thighs on the grill. This humble little meal served with seasonal roasted veggies is my absolute favorite. We just season it with salt and pepper. I source our chicken from a local amazing farm and I suggest if available you do the same. Small farms are vital to the health of our food chain.

Speaking of another book… it’s an oldie but if you haven’t read Omnivore’s Dilemma, I highly suggest it!

For drinks, I have been loving local mint blend teas after dinner. I personally have been trying to cut my alcohol consumption. So when I would normally reach for a glass of wine, I try to reach for my favorite tea and tea pot and make a ritual out of it.

A plate of sugar dusted pancakes sits on a white table beside a fork, knife, and a cup of tea. A little heart is drawn in the powdered sugar on the dark blue plate.

Darn Goodness

You know I can’t go this long and not mention the things I love on the site. Why? Because my team and I put so much damn love into the curation of our products and I am so happy to share them with the world.

My first favorite? The Zaria Wrap Dress. For the season this is a fabulous staple because you can pair it with sweaters and boots. It’s feminine and flattering.

A plus sized black woman with long hair is posing by a white wicker chair, wearing a dark orange zaria wrap dress and a pair of shiny metallic pink boots.

If you’re dressing up your nest and you want a pop of color before everything outside turns to gray, I suggest the rainbow oasis drapes. They are slightly sheer so you can soak up the little bits of fall sun but will bring radiance and happiness to a room in a snap!

On the crafting side of things, I always love to get mail. So my Yarn of the Month® is made for people like me. You can get surprised each month with some color and some inspiration from the heart of India. Best of all, these items help you meet sustainability with affordability.

Did you like this guide? Send some love to and I can make my creative lifestyle guide for you for winter:)

I love you all:) Nicole