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Meet Kushal Mandal

Written by Kate Curry

Artisan Profile

In many areas of India, cars are a luxury. 45% of people do not own a car (source), but there are many other ways of getting around that our artisans use. Bikes are the most common vehicles used to get around, and our friend Kushal is in need of a new ride! 

A man driving a motorcycle and a woman driving a bicycle-rickshaw are driving down a dirt road in rural India
Bikes and motorcycles are one of the most popular transportation options in India

Kushal Mandal (pronounced Ku-Shawl Muhn-duhl) is in charge of all things Sari Wrap Skirt related! He is in charge of making sure our skirts are top quality. From the fabric, the stitching, and the packing - Kushal loves ensuring perfection in every skirt that he touches - it's his favorite thing about his job! That's why he's the overseer of our skirt operation in India. 

Three men work together to open up white bales filled with fabric that will be recycled into skirts, scarves, and yarn
Artisans sorting bales of fabric to be made into skirts, clothing, or yarn

Everyday, Kushal makes his way to work on his bike. He's been using the same bike for sometime and a new one would ensure that he can get to work safely!

How You Can Help

Darn Good Yarn's Sari Wrap Skirts are incredibly important to our artisans. These skirts have helped thousands of artisans support themselves and their families. From gathering the fabric, cleaning, sewing, and packaging - these skirts are much more than clothing.

You can support artisans like Kushal by purchasing our Sari Wrap Skirts.

Meet the Author

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