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How to: Organize Your Yarn Stash

Organization is different to anyone. There can the controlled organizer, where everything is perfect and has a certain place. There is the chaotic organizer where everything is everywhere but that person knows exactly what is where, and then there is the average organizer in between that can be a little of both.

How big is your yarn stash? What do you use your yarn? Are you a teacher who uses yarn for a project? Or a grandmother who makes fun hats for your grandkids? What kind of organization technique to you use.

Here at Darn Good Yarn we have a very intricate way of organization and it works for us. Some of the organizational techniques I have researched are incredibly brilliant and I cannot wait to see what we will do next to organize. Here are my top 5 favorite ways of organizing your yarn stash:

5: Yarn Holder DIY

This clever idea came from Chatter Box Jenn. Having a love for crochet can be hard at times when the yarn starts to tangle. It can be incredibly frustrating. After searching for yarn storage and not wanting to pay the expense of the craft store models, Jenn came up with this little idea. With in minute you have a perfect yarn dispenser. Allowing you to pull what you need and nothing more, keeping everything nice and neat. If I were making something with the Lace Weight Silk Yarn I would definitely use this method to dispenser and organization. This keeps things nice and neat and put together.

4. Vintage Organization

This is so unique and beautiful! Displaying and organizing you yarn this way in incredibly clever. I find that the most interesting ways seem to work the best and this definitely does. I love that it allows you to close the drawers and conceal the yarn or keep it open for a colorful display. So many possibilities! With Darn Good Yarns Sari Silk Ribbon collection you could have so many different colors displayed for all to see.

3. Simple & Effective Yarn Organization

This one is very simple. But allows you to still have full control of how everything is displayed and organized. I really enjoy how it is all very visible and organized by color. It clearly starts with a pastel row and ends with a fall selection. This is so easy to grab and start a project when you need it. I highly recommend this organization method for anyone who uses our Yak Wool Yarn.

2. DIY Yarn Storage

This set up is very unique and symmetrical. I would love having this is my craft room to be able to see all of my yarn or ribbon. It is perfectly displayed and an awesome conversation piece. I love that there are so many different ways to organize your yarn if you use this method. You can organize it by color, size, or your yarn preference. This design is very versatile and I could see it in many different spaces that allow for this design option. I think this is a great choice and one of my top faves! 

1. Controlled Organization

This is my absolute favorite out of all the organizational options. Being a huge binder and stationary love this is a perfect option for me. If you have the time and patience this is definitely a long process that will fully be worth it. I love her idea of having a little bit of each yarn so she doesn’t have to dig through her stash. By using this method you can look at all the colors available and see what would work best for you and what matches really well. This method is definite best used for the most organized person. I think this would look absolutely beautiful if you want to organize our any of our Chiffon Yarn. With all of the beautiful colors we have available this would be a great way to view it all at once.

Now that we have covered 5 amazing ways to organize your yarn stash, the options are endless! There are so many DIY ways to organize yourself, use any of these methods and you are sure to feel so much better about your stockpile. I love would personally use the binder method and then the DIY yarn holder to keep everything together. It would all wok so well together, I cant wait to organize my sari silk ribbon now! Have fun!

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