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Chiffon Yarn

Chiffon fabric is generally a very breezy, opaque weave made from silk or cotton. Sheer, light and floating, chiffon cloth is a great summer fabric and goes great paired with other items; and chiffon ribbon is also excellent for table runners, curtains and homewares.

Our range of chiffon fabric takes in everything from simple chiffon ribbon for finishing and embroidery to reams of dyed chiffon cloth for larger scratch projects. We have a number of patterns and kits that include chiffon fabric, mostly flowing summer items but including shawls, blankets and even ponchos! Bright reclaimed chiffon ribbon is a great item to have on hand for personalizing finished projects, while our crinkled silk chiffon cloth is a ready-to-go-throw or even a canvas for silk painting!

Check out our wide selection of chiffon fabric as well as our free patterns, and don’t forget to take a look through our other materials for inspiration and some more Darn Good Yarn!