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Gift Ideas for the Scorpio in Your Life

Written by Kate Curry

Happy spooky season! Pumpkins decorate our doorsteps as well as an assortment of plastic creepy crawlies…like a scorpion perhaps? Scorpios are out and about while the veil is thin, ready to strike when least expected. You should get the drop on them and get them a gift to appease them! 

What Type of Sign is A Scorpio?

A red and black image reading 'what is a scorpio' with the info that scorpios are water signs born from october 23rd to november 21st

Born from October 23 to November 21, Scorpios are the most misunderstood sign in the zodiac. Described as intuitive, emotional, and cunning, Scorpios are attuned to their emotions and psychic goings on around them. 

Scorpios are associated with two planets! Pluto and formerly mars. Mars is the planet of war and aggression, and when you tick off a Scorpio they can show off their connection to mars quickly. Pluto is the planet that symbolizes destruction and transformation. Talk about a powerhouse

Often mistaken for a fire sign, these little scorpions are actually water signs! Water signs, which also include Cancer and Pisces, are commonly associated with:  

  • Sensitive 
  • Emotional
  • Loyal 
  • Empathetic 
  • Physic 

Sure, Scorpios can become a little aggressive and are known for their sting, but they use it as their last resort. Scorpios would much rather calculate and strategize than settle for a fight. They’d much rather use their energy on other activities! 

What Are The Characteristics of Scorpio?

A red and black image listing the traits of a scorpio: passionate, loyal, courageous, jealous, emotional, cunning, intelligent, and aggressive.

Just like their symbol, Scorpios look a little scary and they can deliver a painful sting…but there’s so much more to them than that! Passionate and resourceful, these courageous little arachnids have emotions that run down deep and are chaotically intense. 

Sensual and loyal, it would be hard pressed to find a better partner than a Scorpio! These beings are known for their psychic abilities and they love being proven right! Their loyalty and love for their friends runs deep…but if you screw up, they’ll never forget. Talk about intense! 

Scorpio Celebrities

  • Whoopi Goldberg
  • Pete Davidson
  • Katy Perry
  • Anne Hathaway 
  • Ryan Reynolds
  • Matthew McConaughey

Best Gifts For A Scorpio

The Scorpio Color Palette 

  • Scarlet Red (deep, strong, vibrant reds that match their sensual and passionate energy) 
  • Mysterious Deep Purple (dark, vivid, and soothing to balance their energy) 
  • Deep Black (warm, dark, and deep to convey security and strength) 

Scorpio Birthstones

  • Aquamarine
  • Sodalite
  • Smoky Quartz

Shimmering blue, aquamarine encourages calm and communication. When a Scorpio is in the throes of their anger, having some aquamarine on hand will help them sort out their emotions and communicate them to those around them effectively! 

Sodalite, the harmonizing stone, is a healing crystal that promotes the balance of energy. The calming energies given off by this crystal will help them meditate and clear their mind before they go jumping into action.

Grounding and calming, smoky quartz can cleanse the aura of even the most prickly of Scorpios. 

Alrighty, before you storm ahead to the gift guide, I have a few last minute tips for you! Scorpios love passionate, truthful, and meaningful gifts, while they dislike superficiality. Play that up - purchase or make them something useful and meaningful and your gift won’t miss the mark! 

The Scorpio Gift Guide

Reclaimed Sari Medley Scarf

A person wearing a warm red and yellow medley scarf around their torso as a tube top.

Handmade with 7 strips of bright sari material, each one of these scarves is a unique mystery, just like your Scorpio. Not just a scarf, they can be worn as a shawl, a wrap, a headband, or a sexy and cute top! 

The Kindness Kit 

A red floral furoshiki is laid out with the different pieces of the kindness kit spread out on the fabric.

Darn Good Yarn partnered with Bloom Etc. and Blush Skin and Soul Spa to help you indulge in some much deserved self care with our specially curated Kindness Kit! This set of self-care items has been carefully and intentionally curated by experts to deliver a luxurious experience. And let’s face it, Scorpios could use a little luxury! 

Relaxing Craft Kits 

A black puppy is laying on a pile of colorful yarn, her eyes closed in relaxation

Some Scorpios could loosen up a little bit and relax and what better way to do that than with some relaxing crafts! I’ve listed a few below, but you can see a whole list of soothing crafts here

Groovy Festival Dress

A pale woman with red hair is twirling in a bright red festival dress.

If Scorpios love red, let’s give them red! This one-of-a-kind piece has a crochet knit top with the skirt of the dress made from recycled sari fabric, giving it a unique look that is sure to turn heads.

Mystery Yarn Boxes 

A black and white darn good yarn mystery box

Match mystery with mystery by snagging your Scorpio one of our many mystery yarn boxes! Each box is chock full of handmade and artisan yarn that they will lose their little crafting minds over! 

Make Them A Beanie! 

A beanie made from rainbow worsted weight watercolors silk yarn is resting on a grey cushion

Scorpios will love a gift that you put your time, energy, and passion into. Let us help you out with our The Magnolia Beanie Knit-A-Long Kit! With the kit, you’ll find how-to-tutorial videos to help you step-by-step. Your Scorpio will be loving their beanie as the chill starts to set in!

Dusty Rose Jasper Beaded Bracelet

A hand outstretched, displaying a black and jasper beaded bracelet.

This Dusty Rose Jasper beaded bracelet is perfect for anyone who wants to add a touch of relaxation and calmness to their day. This beaded bracelet features a jasper stone, which is said to promote relaxation and reduce anxiety. 

One of a Kind Skirts

A montage of three photos showing fall warm tones sari wrap skirt scenes

Scorpios can be very specific so why take the chance on a mystery skirt. Pick them out a skirt that you know they’ll love! With this unique "pick your own" shopping experience you have the opportunity to view and pick your new one of a kind item prior to purchasing!

Yarn Packs Specifically For Scorpios

Four skeins of yarn are laid out on a white background, the yarn ends coming away from the purple, black, and orange cakes of yarn.

We have three different yarn packs that are specifically designed for Scorpios! Our zodiac and solar system packs in Scorpio, Mars, and Pluto will wow your Scorpio with their soothing colors and delicious handmade yarn!

Gift Card

Two darn good yarn gift cards, one mint green and the other a soft purple, are laying on a soft gray marble tabletop.

If you’re stuck on a gift, there’s no shame in that! It can be daunting to get something for a loved one! If you’re truly stumped, you can’t go wrong with a DGY gift card so your Scorpio can pick their own next creative or fashion obsession!


Scorpios can be a little difficult to deal with sometimes, but they are worth their weight in gold. To have a brave, courageous, and passionate person in your life is nothing to turn your nose up at! And who knows…maybe your Scorpio will shed some of that tough exterior once they see the work you put into their gift. 

While you’re shopping for your Scorpio, don’t forget about yourself! Check out our other zodiac sign guides to see what items match up with your sign. Have a creative and sexy Scorpio season! 

Three different boxes, which have been wrapped in different colored (yellow, tan, orange/teal) furoshiki reusable gift wrapping.

Make your gift super eco friendly with -- don’t hurt the earth when you spread joy!

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