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Gift Ideas for the Leo in Your Life

Written by Kate Curry

The sun is high in the sky and it is beating down on us - it’s time for Leos to be on the prowl! While these big cats are lounging in the sun, it’s the perfect time to do something for them to show how much we appreciate them! 

Leos are passionate, protective, and showy personalities that love learning and sharing what they know with the people around them. Your Leo may be a lazy jungle cat who’s passionate for a good nap or they could be a competitive and daring go-getter that you can barely keep up with. 

Either way, we have a ton of great options for unique gifts for the Leos! 

What Type of Sign is A Leo?

A white and yellow leo sign sits in the center of the image. Two orange blobs with white writing read: "What is a Leo" and "Leo is a fire sign. Includes those born from July 23rd to August 22nd

July 23rd to August 22nd is the season symbolized by the stunning, regal lion. Often described as passionate, competitive, and brave, Leos love both the simple pleasures and the luxuries of life. After all, don’t they deserve both? 

Associated with the element of fire, Leos are the true monarchs of the zodiac as they are typically very fiery, theatrical, and love to bask in any type of spotlight they can find. Fire signs excel as journalists, reporters, personal trainers, teachers, and politicians.   

Fire sign traits, which also include Aries and Sagittarius, are commonly associated with

  • Feisty 
  • Brave 
  • Passionate
  • Independent 
  • Creative 
  • Short-Tempered 
  • Spontaneous 
  • Intense 

Governed by the Sun, the center of our universe that rules over the sense of self, creativity, and vitality. Leos are the perfect person to drag you out of your slump. They’re the type of person to come up with a spontaneous trip that will teach you things about yourself that you never knew! Sure, sometimes they can be a little self-centered, but if you were a Leo, wouldn’t you be too? 

What Are The Characteristics of Leo?

A gold and white Leo sign sits in the upper left. An orange blob in the upper right reads 'Traits of a Leo' with a list of Leo traits in purple at the center of the screen, such as: brave, arrogant, creative, generous, proud, stubborn, and passionate.

Like a cat basking in the sunlight, Leos cannot resist the limelight. They’re bright and regal lions, so who wouldn’t want to see them in their splendor? Vivacious and competitive, you want to have a Leo on your team at all times! 

Much like Geminis, Leos are always taking in information around them. They want to grow and evolve as well as share what they’ve learned with the people in their lives. Known for their bravery, Leos will never turn down a taunt or a challenge, so you have to keep an eye on them to make sure they don’t find themselves in too much trouble! They’re also very passionate and creative beings who can lose themselves in their craft. Sometimes, being so awesome can make a Leo a little….arrogant, self-centered, and stubborn. Give them a little time and they’ll simmer down after a bit! 

Leo Celebrities

  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Meagan Good
  • Jason Momoa
  • Helen Mirren
  • Viola Davis
  • Martha Stewart
  • President Barack Obama
  • Madonna

Best Gifts For A Leo

Now that you have a little more info about Leo’s, you only need to know a little more before you can find the perfect gift that will wow your Leo! Let’s take a look at the birthstones and color palettes of the Leo - this info might help you out a little more! 

The Leo Color Palette 

  • Glimmering Gold (gorgeous glitter and regal metallic shades of golds)
  • Sunshine Yellow (shades of sunshine yellows, summertime blooms, and bright sunlight) 
  • Starburst Orange (think of bright sparks of fire and embers) 

Leo Birthstones 

  • Citrine
  • Ruby
  • Peridot

Bright and shimmering, citrine has been described as the sunshine stone. The focus of this stone is positivity, which no Leo in their right mind would turn down! Also known as the “success stone”, this is the perfect stone for the competitive Leo. 

Regal and fiery, rubies are a protection stone that can ignite your passion and happiness. Ruby is also great for stabilizing our root chakras and improving your creativity and energy. 

Peridot, the gem with the stunning green shimmer, helps to keep the user's focus and attention. Used for cleansing the heart and increasing compassion, peridot can heal any feelings of inadequacy, rage, or jealousy that could taint your Leo.  

Alright, it’s go time! I’ve got a few last minute tips before you go wild trying to hunt down the perfect gift. Leos love being the center of attention, luxurious or expensive things, bright colors, and being with their adoring public. They dislike being ignored, low quality items, or being bothered with confusing or boring tasks. These fierce cats and kittens need a little love to make sure they know we always love em! 

The Leo Gift Guide

Sari Wrap Skirts - Warm Tones

A gorgeous woman is standing under a green and pink flowering bush. She's wearing a bright orange sari wrap skirt and an orange and pink scarf wrapped around her torso as a top.

In this summertime heat, your Leo will need a gorgeous burst of color to add to their closet. Why not get them one of our beloved sari wrap skirts. Our sari wrap skirts are handmade and can be worn as dresses, skirts, tops, shawls, and more! 

Fiber Fantasy Yarn Bundle Blowout

Two Indian women wearing pink saris are standing outside in the sun against a white wall. One woman is holding a green bowl filled with yarn. The other woman has her arms filled with unskeined black, rainbow, and twist rainbow yarn.

What are lions? Cats! And what do cats love? Yarn! Get your Leo a whole mountain of yummy handmade yarn that they can sink their claws into! 

Sophia Silk Duster

A plus sized woman with long, dark hair is standing in a greenhouse. She's wearing black leggings, metallic boots, a white shirt, and a flowing soft yellow and pink sophia duster.

Made of reclaimed silk, this one of a kind long-sleeved cardigan is perfect for layering or wearing on its own.

Beautiful embellished edging. It's lightweight and breathable, making it the perfect choice for all seasons.

With its luxurious details and stylish design, the Sophia Silk Duster is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

Luxury Ceramic Yarn Bowls

A rainbow table is covered in different types of yarn bowls, knitting needles, crochet hooks, and rainbow yarn. A bunch of hands working on their fiber arts hover around the table.

There’s nothing more luxurious than having your yarn nice and neat! We have a few different cute designs that make eye-catching home decor! 

Sari Silk Beach Sarong

Three plus sized women with tanned skin are posing by the pool and their pool games. They're each wearing a sari silk beach sarong in purple, pink, and blues!

This beautiful sarong scarf is made from 100% reclaimed traditional sari material, and is the perfect coverup for a day at the beach. The lightweight fabric is perfect for hot days, and the colorful design will add a touch of fun and flair to any outfit. 

Yarn Packs Specifically For Leos 

Two cakes of purple and yellow yarn, a ball of purple yarn, and an unwound skein of ombre orange yarn are spread out artistically on a white background.

We have two different yarn packs that are specifically designed for Leos! Our zodiac and solar system packs in Leo and Sun will wow your Leo with their vivid colors and delicious handmade yarn! 

Handmade Jewelry 

A pale hand is stretched out on a flowering green bush. Around their wrist is a bright yellow and pale blue bracelet.

Give your Leo some unique, handmade, jewelry that they will be sure to cherish! Give them a little extra bling that will make them shine even more under the spotlight 

Skirt Of The Month

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Leos love gifts that keep on giving! Sign your Leo up for our Skirt of the Month club! Each month a brand new skirt will appear on your Leo’s doorstep that matches that month’s curated theme. 

Yarn Of The Month

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Who doesn’t love yarn?! Send your Leo on a yarn journey that makes a difference! Each month, your Leo will be sent a skein (or 3!) of premium handmade yarn, a pattern coupon code, and other perks that every crafter would die for!  

Gift Card

Two darn good yarn gift cards, one mint green and the other a soft purple, are laying on a soft gray marble tabletop.

If you’re stuck, Leos love a gift card! Give them the gift of spoiling themselves and let them pick out their own luxury! 


Having a Leo in your life is a true gift and you should treasure them! Any gift that you choose will be deeply appreciated, as that’s all your Leo wants - your attention and appreciation. Even though they love luxurious things, what will really touch them is something special and meaningful from your heart to theirs. 

While you’re shopping for your Leo, don’t forget about yourself! Check out our other zodiac sign guides to see what items match up with your sign. Have an easy and comforting Leo season!!

Oh! Before you go! Make it super eco friendly with eco-friendly gift wrapping-- don’t hurt the earth when you spread joy! 

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