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Gift Ideas for the Aries in Your Life

Written by Kate Curry

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It’s Aries season! If you’re looking for a gift for yourself or the special wild Aries in your life, we have you covered! 

Aries are creative and passionate creatures and they love when their friends and loved ones match their energy. Your Aries may be athletic and love comfortable athletic and simple clothes. Maybe they’re looking for a new craft to work out their never-ending energy. 

We have so many great options that we put together a list of unique gifts for all the Aries out there! 

What Type of Sign is an Aries

An image asking "What is An Aries" with a bright red Aries symbol in the center. At the bottom right of the screen is a golden bubble with text that reads: "Aries is a fire sign. Includes those born between March 21st to April 19th

The youngest sign in the zodiac, those born from March 21st to April 19th are lucky enough to be Aries! Symbolized by a ram with large curling horns, Aries are known for charging headfirst into everything in their lives: relationships, hobbies, and work. 

Associated with the element of fire, Aries have a wild, uncontrollable nature that can warm or burn you. Behavior that some see as enthusiastic and passionate can be misinterpreted as impulsive and impatient. Aries sometimes have to learn life lessons the hard way due to their think-now-ask-questions later mindset. 

Fire sign trades, which also include Leo and Sagittarius, are commonly identified as: 

  • Feisty 
  • Brave 
  • Passionate
  • Independent 
  • Creative 
  • Short-Tempered 
  • Spontaneous 
  • Intense 

Ruled by the planet Mars, which is named after the Roman god of war, Aries are often seen as the most dramatic and aggressive sign. However, this also makes Aries the ultimate ally - they will passionately fight for those they love and what they believe in and will not quit! 

What Are The Characteristics of Aries?

A gold and red image that reads "Traits of an Aries" in the upper right hand corner. In the upper left hand corner is the red Aries symbol. Beneath, in red text is a list of the traits of an Aries: "Feisty  Brave  Passionate  Independent  Creative  Short-Tempered  Spontaneous  Intense"

Sometimes called the baby of the zodiac, Aries are often seen as the feisty, spontaneous, hyper-active little sibling. Aries have a deeply ingrained passion for everything they do and have a great dislike of inactivity. Their overflowing energy can be worked out through sports, art, theater, or other physical or mentally stimulating activities. 

Whatever an Aries is up to, it has to be fast-paced as patience isn’t their strong suit. Group activities that require a leader would be the perfect role for an Aries. While they can lead a team with confidence and courage, they have also been known to sometimes rush activities and step on a few toes along the way. Or maybe a headbutt would be more fitting. 

Aries Celebrities

  • Elton John 
  • Reese Witherspoon
  • Chaka Khan 
  • Mariah Carey 
  • Diana Ross 
  • Chance the Rapper
  • Lady Gaga 
  • Reba McEntire 

These are just a few of the Aries that were able to harness their passion and make it big. Who from our list is your favorite? And do you think any of the Aries in your life share any characteristics with these celebrities? 

Best Gifts for an Aries

Alright, now that you have the scoop, you still may need a little help finding a unique gift for an Aries. Don’t worry, we have you covered because we’re going to share some of our favorite ideas! With the whirlwind that is the Aries, it can sometimes be stressful to find the perfect gift! 

First, let’s look at the perfect color palette for Aries, which includes their birthstones! This info may help you out more than you think. 

The Aries Color Palette 

Aries are pretty straightforward, and so are their palette and birthstones. For the gorgeous Aries in your life, you’ll want to focus on: 

  • Bright and fiery (reds, oranges, yellows) 
  • Deep and bold (violet, ruby, black, maroon) 
  • Golden umbers (deep browns, tans, golds) 

Fiery and passionate colors are always a must, but stay away from any colors associated with cool-tones or water. Fire and water don’t mix very well after all. Stick with colors that remind you of a blazing wildfire or a courageous mountain. These colors help keep them in a creative and courageous mindset. 

Aries Birthstones 

With the zodiac, each sign is associated with multiple stones. Aries are associated with the following birthstones: 

  • Bloodstone
  • Topaz
  • Jasper

Bloodstones were once used by warriors headed into battle and are thought to bring protection and physical strength. Aries may be in need of bloodstone to boost their courage, but also give them mental clarity to fight their battles. 

Topaz, a lucky stone that glimmers like golden fire, can keep you connected with your creative flow. Who doesn’t need a bit of luck and creative energy? This glimmering golden stone can help your Aries focus their energy on meaningful creative pursuits. 

Just looking at jasper can evoke thoughts of fire and warmth- it almost looks like the surface of Mars. This stone can bring a little bit of tranquility and grounding to your Aries, which they do need from time to time. Jasper is easy to find and the richness of its colors can bring joy to every sign! 

If you choose to go with a birthstone gift, get something durable and that is not easy to drop or misplace. Maybe a piece of jewelry or even artwork made from their birthstones would be a much appreciated gift!  

The Aries Gift List

Remember, Aries love comfort, physical activities, and using their energy- both mental and physical. They dislike inactivity and activities that do not require their creative talents. Be aware of this while you’re picking out their perfect gift! 

Sari Wrap Skirts - Discovery 3-Pack 

Our first choice is our sari wrap skirt discovery 3-pack. In this pack, you will get 3 skirts, one of each of our 3 signature lengths. These gorgeous handmade skirts are easy to fold and can be worn in dozens of different ways! Quick, ergonomic, and fashionable - perfect for your Aries. 

30 Minute Arm Knit Scarf Kit

No time and no tools? No problem! This kit comes with all the yarn and instructions your Aries will need to make an arm knit scarf in 30 minutes. This makes this the perfect gift for an Aries that wants to try out a quick new hobby.  

Twist and Shout Bundle

Our next choice would be our twist and shout bundle! This bundle comes with four skeins of twisting, vibrantly colored, sustainable handmade yarn that Aries will love. It also comes with a geometric yarn bowl to help your Aries keep control of their yarn. 

Aanya Adjustable Short Tunic

One of a kind, adjustable, quick, and easy- are we talking about Aries or our short tunics? You’ll never know! These short tunics come in a wide variety of colors and are easy to toss on while you’re running out the door to your next activity.

Earth & Fire Beaded Necklace Kit

This DIY jewelry kit is made with shimmering gold and a beautiful maroon centerpiece that is sure to catch the eye of any Aries. The vibrant red matches the fire inside your Aries and they will love the texture, color, and will be inspired to create! 

Organic Cotton Sweatpants

Our organic cotton sweatpants are the perfect mix of luxury and athleticwear. Your Aries can work out their energy in these sweatpants and then take a much needed rest! 

Ombre Sport Weight Silk Exploration Multi Pack

Aries love a good adventure and this yarn pack will be sure to last a few creative explorations. This reclaimed silk yarn comes in brilliant, luscious ombre shades that will wow your Aries. 

Best of DGY Pack

Is your Aries discouraged by the same old yarn they find at the craft store? Why not give them some yarn that they have never worked with before? Our best of DGY pack comes with 4 types of recycled yarn: ribbon yarn, sport weight reclaimed silk yarn, banana fiber yarn, and premium sari silk handspun yarn. These exotic yarns will get those creative gears turning! 

Yarn Packs Specifically For Aries! 

We have two different yarn packs that are made specifically for your Aries. Our zodiac and solar system packs in Aries and Mars will wow your Aries and match their color palette perfectly! 

Gift Card 

Is your Aries wild and unpredictable? Don’t worry- we know exactly how that feels. Let them make their own creative choices and go on a shopping adventure with a DGY gift card! 


Whatever you choose to give the Aries in your life they will appreciate the time and effort that you put into your relationship. Don’t stress on finding something perfect, focus on finding something that will inspire and remind your Aries what they’re working to achieve. 

While you’re shopping for your Aries, don’t forget yourself! Check out our other zodiac sign guides to see what items match your own sign! Happy shopping! And have a safe and happy Aries season! 

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