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Getting Ready Outfits For Your Bridesmaids

Written by Gabby Kernozek

Wedding season is in full swing!

As much as a wedding is about the person you are going to marry and spend the rest of your life with, it is also about being surrounded by your support system. No two support systems are alike. But, nonetheless each community of supportive individuals is unique and beautiful.

Whether this be family, friends, or chosen family, the support and love from these groups does not go unnoticed during important events such as a wedding.

It is tradition to thank these individuals for their devotion to you and your friendship by asking them to stand by your side during your wedding day. These selected individuals are a part of the wedding party and aim to help throughout the big day as much, if not more than they have assisted you throughout your life up until this point.

As they help you get showered in love, it is important to show they are important to you and your partner. Recently a huge trend popping up all over social media has been curating thank you boxes for the members of the wedding party. In these thank you boxes, there are typically getting ready outfits, sentimental gifts/letters, and of course after party necessities like snacks, medicine and water to rehydrate after a night of fun. Popular getting ready looks that have been featured all across social platforms like Tik Tok are robes. We love a good robe but also want to provide you with options for getting ready outfits for bridesmaids that aren't always robes.

Getting ready outfits have flooded social media and brides all around the world have been searching high and low for looks that are both comfy, size inclusive and fit their wedding vibe as well as their personal style. We know searching for the perfect get ready outfit for your wedding party that checks all of the boxes can be tough. But, there's no need to worry! We are here to help!

Wedding days can be long and jam packed full of laughing, dancing and eating and drinking. Starting your day in an outfit that is both comfortable and practical for getting full hair and makeup done is crucial to starting the day off righ

Here are our top picks for the perfect getting ready look to make your wedding party not only look beautiful but feel beautiful too!

Get Ready Vibes

Zaria One-Of-A-Kind Wrap Dress

A gorgeous plus sized woman is wearing a handmade reclaimed silk zaria dress that is black with large white florals.

The Charlotte Chic Sari Short Robe

A group of four women are posing outside by a large tree, each wearing different colored charlotte chic sari short robes.

Aanya Adjustable Short Tunic

A woman wearing a light blue tunic and blue jeans is holding an adorable kitty as she stands outside an eclectic shed, decorated with mulicolored watering cans.

Aanya Adjustable Long Tunic Dress

A blonde woman wearing a light orange long tunic dress is sitting in a throne like wicker chair. Behind her is a few racks of gorgeous green plants.

The Karabi Robe

A pretty brunette lady wearing a gray tank top and a floral dark blue karabi kaftan is laughting at something off camera.

Bridesmaids Gifts

Already have a cozy getting ready outfit for your crew? Here are some extra goodies to show your wedding party how much they mean to you!

Give your bridal party a gift to show your appreciation for them that is as unique and one of a kind as they are.

2022 is said to have the most weddings ever. Odds are if you are not getting married you know someone who is! You may be invited to celebrate their love with them!

One-of-a-Kind Sari Silk Purses

One Of A Kind Silk Neck Tie

A handsome man with dark hair is wearing dark jeans, a white button up, and a brightly colored purple and blue silk neck tie. The man is standing outside, beside the Mohawk River.

One of A Kind Pocket Square

Four different brightly colored one-of-a-kind pocket squares are resting on the seat of a white wicker chair.

The Kameela Knot Headband

A dark-eyed woman with long brown hair is tugging at her pony-tail. Around her head is a gorgeous bright pink kameela knot headband.

Folklore Handmade Slippers

A pair of feet wearing our teal, red, and white folklore handmade slippers as they rest in the green grass.

Wedding Outfits You'll WANT To Wear!

Buying looks for multiple weddings can get pricey and leave your wallet hurting at the end of the wedding season. Here are some of our picks that are not only beautiful but versatile as well. These looks are adjustable so they change as your body changes naturally over time. These looks are also able to be dressed up or dressed down, making this an article of clothing that can instantly give you multiple looks and not just sit in your closet until a wedding invite appears in your mailbox.

Zaria One-Of-A-Kind Wrap Dress

A black woman wearing a pastel red zaria wrap skirt and a demin jacket. She looks like she's walkign around a horse ring that has a sandy floor.

Maxi Sari Wrap Skirt

A plus sized woman with dark, long hair is wearing a bright pink tank top and a floral green sari wrap skirt. She's standing in a gorgeous green garden.

Time To Suit Up!

We may not have apparel pieces for our suit wearing friends but we sure do have some gorgeous accessories to compliment a sharp suit or tuxedo.

One of A Kind Pocket Square

Four different brightly colored one-of-a-kind pocket squares are resting on the seat of a white wicker chair.

One Of A Kind Silk Neck Tie

A person with short pink and brown hair is leaning up against a tree beside a river. They are wearing a white button up shirt, black leggings, and a mint green sari silk neck tie.

To everyone getting married this year, the team at DGY congratulates you! May your marriage be full of love, happiness and kindness.

To those attending a 2022 wedding, have fun, be safe and dance like no one's watching! 

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