Customer Projects! #darngoodyarn

February 23, 2018 1 min read

Customer Projects! #darngoodyarn

We love seeing how creative you guys get with our yarn; from the awesome patterns you make, to adding the yarn from our $10 Yarn Club to other projects, to using yarn for more than just knitting and crochet

Here are some pictures from customers to inspire you to get out there and create!


This super cute amigurumi turtle made with our Worsted Weight Roving SIlk Yarn and Sport Weight 2 Ply Linen from @adorned_crochet

Amigurumi Turtle

This glamour shot of our spunky Spice Market Yarn from @hilary_hooks

Silk yarn recycled

This super cute fairytale dress made with our Lace Weight Twist from @loohoocreations

Girls fairytale crochet dress

Our Worsted Weight Watercolors (featured in our $10 Yarn Club) added a fun flair to this cowl by @knittingexpat

knit and crochet subscription

This $10 Yarn Club project shows off the beauty and durability of our washi ribbon, from @nocturnalknits

knit and crochet subscription

This poster and our handmade wooden yarn bowl from @crochet_by_tay (both of which everyone needs as a reminder to have some fun!) 

Wooden yarn bowl

This bouquet that @acottagegardener tied together with our Sari Silk Ribbon 

wedding bouquet and flower ideas

And this pup who can't get enough of the cowl his owner, Erica, made him from her $10 Yarn Club 

knit and crochet dog patterns


Keep sharing your projects with us! Tag us on Instagram @darngoodyarn and on Facebook @DGYarn, and be sure to use the hashtag #darngoodyarn!