CROCHET: Colorful Silk Sari Ribbon Shawl

Debbie, a fellow Darn Good Yarny emailed me one day with some amazing pictures of a shawl she made for her daughter. She adapted a pattern posted here (don't worry it's free) to use with our entire line of Sari Silk Ribbon Yarns. Check these out by clicking here. Isn't this masterpiece beautiful?

Do you want to see some more pictures of her creation and others? Check out the new section of our webpage that features fellow Darn Good Yarny' creations!

I got to thinking and you can also take the Solomon's Knot and make a bed spread too. Wouldn't that look amazing over a bed in a little girl's room or your room? Want more info on how to make the Solomon's Knot? Click Here or watch this video below: