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Crochet Abbreviations and Definitions: 70 Must Know Terms

Just because you're only using one tool doesn't mean that crocheting is any less complicated than knitting. Sometimes looking at your pattern before you start crocheting can be intimidating, like a crazy code that you have to be a mastermind to decipher (and yes, you should be reading your pattern before you start working! Here's why reading patterns is so important.) 

Generally, patterns come with an abbreviations list, but some patterns will leave you stranded in the dark with no abbreviation references whatsoever. We've compiled a list of 70 of the most common crochet terms that you will most likely come across in your next pattern endeavor. 

Crochet Abbreviations and Definitions: 70 Must Know Terms

alt: alternate

approx: approximately

beg: begin/beginning

bet: between

bl/blo: back loop/back loop only

bo: bobble

BP: back post

BPdc: back post double crochet

BPtdr: back post double treble crochet

BPhdc: back post half double crochet

BPsc: back post single crochet

BPtr: back post treble crochet

CA: color A

CB: color B

CC: contrasting color

ch: chain stitch

ch-: refer to chain or space previously made, e.g., ch-1 space

ch-sp: chain space

CL: cluster

cont: continue

dc: double crochet

dc2tog: double crochet 2 stitches together

dec: decrease

dtr:double treble crochet

edc: extended double crochet

ehdc: extended half double crochet

esc: extended single crochet

etr: extended treble crochet

FL/FLO: front loop/front loop only

foll: following

FP: front post

FPdc: front post double crochet

FPdtr: front post double treble crochet

FPhdc: front post half double crochet

FPsc: front post single crochet

FPtc: front post treble crochet

hdc: half double crochet

hdc2tog: half double crochet 2 stitches together

hk: hook

inc: increase

lp: loop

m: marker

MC: main color

md(s): round(s)

mm(s): millimeter(s)

pc: popcorn stitch

pm: place marker

prev: previous

ps/puff: puff stitch

rem: remaining

rep: repeat

rnd: round

RS: right side

sc: single crochet

sc2tog: single crochet 2 stitches together

sh: shell

sk: skip

sl st: slip stitch

sm/sl m: slip marker

sp: space

st: stitch

tbl: through back loop

tch: turning chain

tog: together

tr: treble crochet

tr2tog: treble crochet 2 stitches together

trtr: triple treble crochet

ws: wrong side

yo: yarn over

yoh: yarn over hook

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