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Comfortable Clothing Gift Guide

Written by Kate Curry

With the chill coming upon us it’s sadly time to put away those tank tops and light summer shawls and break out the cozy and comfy clothes! Don’t worry, we have a few warm clothing options that you’re sure to love!

Organic Cotton Sweatpants

A woman with long brown hair is standing in a green house, wearing a black tank top and a pair of dark indigo cotton sweatpants.
Made from 100% organic cotton, these joggers are perfect for a lazy day at home or a vigorous workout at the gym. With a floral design woven into the fabric, these pants add a touch of elegance to your Saturday best. And these soft bad boys have POCKETS!

Folklore Handmade Slippers

A pair of feet decked out in grey, white, orange, and red slippers are resting on a white blanket on the green grass.

Don’t let those feet freeze! Slip into a pair of our handmade slippers, hand knit with care by women achieving economic empowerment in rural areas of Azerbaijan.

Claire Hooded Poncho

A plus sized black woman wearing jeans and a brown and gold poncho is stretching the poncho up with her hand to show off the colorful pattern.

These snuggly ponchos are perfect for a hike, watching a movie, or just running errands. The hooded design keeps you warm, while the colorful patch detail adds personality. Plus the flowy fabric makes it easy to move around.

Sahara Triangle Scarf

A person with dark hair is facing away from the camera, wearing a black and neon-tasseled scarf around their shoulders as a shawl.

These handmade scarves (which you can also wear as a shawl!) are hand embroidered in Morocco and are embellished with brightly colored neon stitches and fringes. Talk about comfort and versatility.

Amara Long Recycled Sari Duster

Two blonde women wearing colorful long dusters are dancing down the sidewalk, striking funny poses.

These luxurious and flowing dusters are an awesome layering piece to add to your wardrobe! Made out of 100% reclaimed traditional sari material sourced in India just like our famous sari wrap skirts.. Each piece of fabric has been on a journey of its own! Speaking of our sari skirts….

Sari Wrap Skirt

Model wearing a tan cardigan with their sari wrap skirt

Believe it or not, these skirts can be worn during chilly seasons! Don’t believe us? Check out our Sari Wrap Skirt Outfits: Fall Edition and Wearing DGY Sari Wrap Skirts in Colder Weather blogs for some helpful tips and tricks!

Make Your Own Cozy Clothing & Accessories!

Three women are sitting in the grassy meadow, wearing multicolored knit and crocheted clothing and accessories.

In case you’re not aware, we have some pretty awesome yarn. We also have kits and patterns for a ton of cozy clothing and accessories! Take a peek at just some of our favorites below!



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