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Hot Trends - Wearing DGY Sari Wrap Skirts in Colder Weather

When the weather gets cold, you might think that your Sari Wrap Skirts should be put away for the season. Think again! Our DGY fashion experts collaborated on a list of pointers to help you stay warm and sizzle while wearing your skirts through the winter! 

Pull those Wrap Skirts back out of storage, grab a cup of tea or coffee to warm up, and check out our top 8 winter fashion tips for wearing your sari silk skirts in colder weather! 

1. Wear it With a Chunky Sweater

One of the best things you can do to stay warm while wearing your skirt is to make sure that the top you're wearing with it is snug and cozy. What fits this criteria better than a chunky sweater? 

Pair your skirt with a chunky sweater by tucking it into the waistband, or by layering over the top of the skirt. This is a look you can play with to see what is the most comfortable for you! 

2. Wear it With Long Sleeves and a Blanket Scarf

Who doesn't love wearing blanket scarves in the winter? If you're a knitter, and you like making blanket scarves too, be sure to check out the Blue Ridge Blanket Scarf Kit on our website! 

A long sleeve t-shirt or blouse with a big blanket scarf will go excellently with any of your sari wrap skirts and will be sure to keep you warm! This is a pairing that can be worn in both casual and formal environments. 

3. Wear it With Boots

If you're not wearing boots with your skirts, you need to start today. This is a stylish combo that we absolutely love and it's PERFECT for winter weather! You can wear long knee highs or short booties - whatever fits your style - with ankle length or mini sari silk skirts!  

4. Wear it With Fleece Lined Leggings

A person wearing a jean jacket, black leggings, and an orange sari wrap skirt is raking leaves.

Fleece lined leggings are one of the best things that have ever happened to people who live in cold climates. Trust us. We're in Upstate New York, so we know about the must-haves of winter wear.

When it's 35 degrees Fahrenheit and below, fleece lined leggings are the key to comfortably wearing your sari wrap skirts! Wear your leggings with ankle length skirts and boots for optimal warmth! 

5. Wear it With a Poncho

If you can rock a poncho, you definitely should. A comfortable, carefree, and toasty winter outfit can be compiled easily with a pair of leggings, a long-sleeve t-shirt, a sari wrap skirt, and a thick poncho. 

If you don't have a poncho, but this is an outfit you'd love to try, we can help with that too! Knitters should check out the Cowl Neck Poncho Pattern on our website.

6. Wear it Over a Thermal Body Suit 

 If you live in an area where cold weather is quite common, a thermal body suit might be an article of clothing that you already own. A full length thermal body suit is certain to keep you warm in cold conditions, and is awesome for layering! Put on your skirts and tops over the suit and brave the freezing weather in style! 

7. Wear it with a Shawl 

 A shawl is a fabulous addition to any winter outfit and goes great with your sari wrap skirts! Best of all? It will help keep you warm. Find a shawl that matches your favorite skirt and sport the two together during your next outing! 

If you're a knitter, take a look at our Herbal Sunrise Shawl Knit Pattern 

8. Layer, Layer, Layer! .

The biggest takeaway that we'd like you to have when you finish reading this post is that you can wear anything you want to in colder weather as long as you wear layers

Are you ready to brave the cold while looking fierce and fabulous in your sari wrap skirt? Now that you know more about how to wear your skirts while staying warm, get out there, show the world what you've got, and celebrate ethical fashion all year round!  

If you've got some ideas for staying warm while wearing your skirts, let us know in the comments! If you try one of the ideas listed here, take a picture and tag us on Instagram or Twitter for a chance to be featured in an upcoming post! 

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