Best Gifts for Crocheters in 2019

January 31, 2018 4 min read

Best Gifts for Crocheters in 2019

Struggling to find the perfect gift for the crocheter in your life? We've got you covered with this go-to list that any crocheter would recommend. These crochet gift ideas are great for Christmas, Mother's Day, anniversaries, birthdays or any other gift-giving occasion


1. Crochet Hooks


New needles

Every crocheter has their arsenal of crochet hooks, but they're always more than happy to add more to their collection! Our Ombre Crochet Hooks are just what they need to create those fun jumbo crochet stitches. If you don't think jumbo needles would be their thing - check out of our Ultimate Crochet Hook Set, made from thermoplastic rubber and aluminum tips. Creating a comfortable ergonomic hook set that is nickel and lead-free.


2. Yarn Bowl


Yarn Bowl

Help your crocheter keep their projects neat and tidy with a Handmade Wooden Yarn Bowl. We considered these to be a must-have for any fiber artisan. Beautifully handcrafted by artisans in India from Sheesham wood. These not only keep their yarn from rolling, tangling, or collecting dust - they double as a work of art.

3. Yarn!


This might seem like an obvious one, but it's definitely worth mentioning! There is one thing that is no doubt true about every crocheter you know, and it's this. They can NEVER have enough yarn! Even if they seem to have a lot already, they are always ready to try a new yarn for new techniques and projects! 


4. Crochet Patterns & Kits


Market tote

Patterns are a staple for any crocheter. They not only help learn new skills and stitches, but they also help further develop older skills and inspire crocheters. Our most popular crochet pattern here at Darn Good Yarn is our Market Tote (pictured above). If you want to supply more than just a pattern - check out our complete kits here!


5. Pattern Portfolio



With the copious amounts of patterns available, it’s often difficult to keep them all in one place (if you’re anything like us, keeping them all in your head doesn’t really work out!) Help keep your crocheter sane with a pattern portfolio, so they can keep their favorite patterns safe and organized.


6. Sample Cards



Let’s face it. Sometimes it’s hard to try new things. Whether it’s a different dish at our favorite restaurant or a new route home from work, we are creatures of habit. More often than not, this translates over to crafting as well; where we should be fearless in our pursuit of creativity, we get bogged down and use the same weight, type, and color of yarn. Sample cards will help your crocheter explore new fibers, and tap into their inner creative genius.


7. Subscription Box


Darn Good Yarn of The Month

Give a gift that keeps on giving every month. Our Darn Good Yarn of the Month subscription box is a great way to surprise your crocheter each month with new yarn and patterns. The first box they will receive will include a bonus set of knitting needles and a crochet hook. Each month after they'll receive a mystery gift in addition to a skein of yarn and crochet pattern. If they ever wanted to learn how to knit - it includes knitting patterns too!


8. Yarn Swift


Darn Good Yarn Swift

The Yarn Swift is a must-have tool for any fiber artisan. The yarn swift acts as your hands while you wind the yarn into a ball by hand or with the help of a ball winder (no. 9 below).


9. Ball Winder


Yarn Binder

The perfect gift to go along with a yarn swift (no. 7 above) is a Ball Winder. The ball winder makes quick work of getting the yarn off the swift and into a ball. Once you have it wound into a ball, it can fit nicely into their yarn bowl!


10. Pom Pom Maker


Pom Pom Maker

Pom Poms are trending this year. Give your favorite crocheter the tools to make perfect pom-poms every time! Pom Poms can be used to accent their new bags, sweaters and more!


11. Buttons



One of the best embellishments for any crochet good is of course buttons! These hand-painted buttons are made of ceramic and clay and then set in a wood fire to make them durable and machine washable. Each one is handmade by artisans in South Africa.


12. Project Tote Bag

Storage Bag on Beach

Fun themed tote bags are always a crowd pleaser. The Start At Love Cotton Tote Bag is not only an eco-friendly way to carry all of their project supplies. You're also supporting a great cause! Start At Love is our mission of being compassionate with the intent to make a positive change in the universe. Supporting our missions allows us to continue to support our local community and give jobs to women co-ops in India and Nepal. You can find more Fair Trade Bags over at our collection page here.


12. Crochet Journal or Notebook


Crochet Journal

Crochet journals and notebooks are a great way for your crocheter to keep track of all of their future project ideas. The journal gives them the perfect space to jot down notes for future patterns too. Whether they're into cute wildlife, inspirational quotes or unique handmade journals we got just what they want!


13. Crochet Coffee Mug


Crochet Coffee Mug

Crocheting wouldn't be complete without a nice cup of coffee or tea! Let your gift speak for itself with our crochet themed mugs. These funny mugs are big enough to fit however much coffee or tea you need to get you through the day.


14. Candles



Is your favorite crocheter also a wine enthusiast? Our Darn Good Yarn Wine Time Candle is a sure win. Let them fill their craft room with the beautiful aroma of Chardonnay and Egyptian Amber. Support our friends at Weird Beard Candle Co. based in Troy, NY, who created these exclusive all natural scented candles!


15. Gift Card


Gift card

Still a little unsure what to get your favorite crocheter? Gift Cards are always a safe bet. Give them the power of choice with a Darn Good Yarn gift card valued up to $200.

Click here to check out our exclusive Ombre Wooden Crochet Pack, that comes with an ombre hook, yarn bowl, yarn, and a free pattern!