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5 Great Ways to Add Creative Time to Your Kids Day

Just like adults, kids crave creative time too! Creative time gives kids the opportunity to express themselves, be authentic and make something they can be proud of! Here at Darn Good Yarn, our team has pulled together some awesome ways to keep your kids entertained - an approximately how long it will keep kids entertained for :)

1. Bead Kits! - The possibilities are endless! With each bead kit, you can make so many different types of projects! We also love how kids tend to make something and give it to a parent and grandparent. They have the kindest hearts <3 Bonus: these projects are super simple and help kids with their fine motor skills. Depending on how many projects you make... this could be well over 2 hours of fun!

 2. Coloring Book Downloads! - Coloring pages take some serious work and concentration. They also give us space to clear our minds and focus on our selves. Download these coloring pages for 1 hour of fun!

3. Yarn Wrapped Stegosaurus! - Yes, you read that correctly! How cool! This project can easily be completed with yarn scraps at home or if you have any leftover sari silk ribbon it makes the perfect dinosaur! A great 2 hour project!

Yarn Wrapped Stegosaurus
4. Arm Knitting! Have your kids expressed an interest in wanting to learn how to knit or crochet? Well, arm knitting is a great first step! In about an hour, your kids can learn how to arm knit their very own scarf! All it takes is 2 skeins of our new chunky chenille yarn (if you want to make a blanket...just grab 6 skeins)!
5. Learn to Knit or Crochet! Any kids up for a challenge? The time investment here is unlimited! Once you learn to knit or crochet, you can create project after project!