9 Easy and Different Uses for Yarn Besides Knitting and Crocheting, and 1 Amazing Artist, Olga de Klein

May 11, 2016 0 Comments

9 Easy and Different Uses for Yarn Besides Knitting and Crocheting, and 1 Amazing Artist, Olga de Klein

Unraveling with Fiber

Olga de Klein, yes! Her work is amazing!  A painter who know no bounds,Olga also works with old family photos, her own photography, and mixed media. This pieces above,Michon on the left and Goldtones, are excellent example of her mixed media art. The piece brings in color and texture, expression and creativity. Olga takes the use of textiles to places we may not think of. Being an avid fan of our fibers and a dear friend, we are thrilled to share her unique work....more on Olga below!

Whoa! The topic of unusual uses for yarn is as infinite as the global thread of humanity. Hmmm....where to begin? I am going to begin with fiber! How wonderful that our unique fibers have a beginning, middle and end, right?  There is something mundanely wonderful in knowing our hanks of yarn can only go as far as the fiber we have. So, let's get to the meat of this blog, the center of that ball of yarn!  How much fiber do you REALLY have in your stash and are you stuck on the notion of knitting or crocheting?

Start at the Beginning

1.Let's mash that stash! Saving fibers we love whether a skein, hank, or weeny little scrap is okay but what is the point, really? We all love our fiber or if new to crafting, are learning to love our fiber. Time to use it!  Kits like our boho necklace give you the confidence to play with some At the Bahamas sari silk ribbon. Our hope is it will then springboard you to thinking more about how to use your small yarn sections. 

2.Starting small with ways to use yarn for crafting beyond knitting or crocheting helps beginners to learn about yarn. For experts, it may just get you out of your groove of ALWAYS sticking to those needles. This pattern for a tassel is quick and easy, can be used for so many things from a shade pull to hair decor, curtain ties to presents.This pattern and some sari silk ribbon is a great way to play with fiber. You've got this!

3.Projects that don't involve knitting or crocheting do involve fun! Maybe your crafting tool is a needle and thread. Imagine using this silk ribbon pattern to make a pillow. This will look fantastic on ANY couch! And the best part is, you don’t even have to be a seamstress to make this gorgeous pillow. You could hand stitch the entire pillow, or if you have a sewing machine, all you really need to know how to do is stitch a straight line. 


4.Jewelry can be a wonderful use for fibers. Necklaces of color and texture speak boldly when using fibers like this silk strings set or...

5.Some of our sari ribbon samplers are great coupled with an intoxicating jewelry piece.

6.Friendship bracelets of macrame? Or with the warmer days, an ankle bracelet that goes where you do and jump into the ocean or go out on the town? Be open and take them time to play with the possibilities.I love the color options with the silk stings above but hemp colors makes great macrame bracelets, too! 

7.And while we are talking about bracelets, here is a super easy way to express yourself with fiber or make an expression of love for someone else. At DGY, we put together our Make Your Own Bangle Kit with our sari silk, giving you a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious kit to get you started and still give you creative freedom!

8.Weaving, my new obsession! Taking color and playful weaving it with different fiber, this is exploration at this finest. Sari silk ribbon boldly states what can we do together, how can we explore? Be sure to respond by manipulating this amazing fiber in hand weaving or more serious loom weft!

9.How we do things extends beyond just knitting or crocheting. Creating art forms is about creating something that reaches out further and touching our souls and the souls of those around us. Something as simple as package wrap can speak volumes about color, about style, about being environmentally aware, about YOU! So bring fiber in to your life and know that using needles is just one avenue!

Creativity is Endless

Today we are featuring a few pieces of the mixed media  artwork of Olga de Klein. Olga works with a wide variety of media in general from sculpture to painting, drawing and collage. Creativity always has been part of her life. While initially her paintings were focused on portraits in oil, she has morphed into abstraction and textiles, with an unmistakable vivid color palette, which she attributes to her years of living in Mexico and South America. - olgadeklein.com

Blogging about different ways to use fiber is a catalyst for new creative pathways. From simple to deeply artistic, I know this blog inspires you to think about yarn and fiber in new ways. Be open to new ideas and see where the creative journey takes you! What's next for you in the world of fiber?

Thank you again Olga de Klein for being incredibly creative and opening our eyes to the possibilities!