4 Links to Free Patterns for Newborn, Baby and Children's Patterns

January 25, 2016 0 Comments

4 Links to Free Patterns for Newborn, Baby and Children's Patterns

Two, Really?

Bonkers!  This summer my family had the pleasure of welcoming twin boys into the family. With no twins on either side of the family anywhere, the parents found out they were expecting twins in late winter 2015.  The father felt like he "won the lottery" while Mom cried with the terror of raising twins. Everyone has since adjusted and we are loving every busy, crazy, joyful minute of healthy, blue eyed boys.  

Needles were clacking in our family as we got to work making homemade gifts for the boys. I volunteered to help my ancient mother by making one of the afghan's that she knits for each of the great grandchildren, true family heirlooms. She has a specific pattern and specific yarn she uses and feels she has really stepped out of the box with the "greats" by using non-traditional colors...and still struggles with that!  

I also made the twins hats because some of the non-knitters in the family suggested these "two peas in a pod" hats and I thought they were darn cute so I bought the crochet pattern in Pinterest from creator Nancy Moakley. The pattern is what I would consider to be for an advanced beginner because you do have to decrease....my take on this pattern is it is worth the effort because it works up quickly!  I also made some booties that actually stay on babies feet with matching colors. The great thing about newborn knitting or creocheting is that the small size of the finished piece mean this is manageable time wise!

I also am now using this same pattern to make just a simple baby hat for gift giving. I leave off the peapod doodad which makes this super simple and using worsted weight silk yarn from Darn Good Yarn I have beautiful little hats for some beautiful little heads!  Makes a special gift that is really fun to make!

Diaper Pins?

No! Pins of crafts! Do you use Pinterest?  I find more free newborn patterns,  baby patterns, and children's patterns in Pinterest. Will I ever get to all the ideas...NO!  However I love taking a few minutes to find inspiration and the idea of pinning is great as I can grab a few patterns, save them and go back later to see what I really want...or not!  For example, I signed in to my account and searched free, baby, patterns, knitting and found this great wall of Pinterest free patterns. And be sure to see what Nicole has pinned for Darn Good Yarn. With multiple boards, you can find what drives Nicole's passions on that page! Lots of super fun ideas!

“Do. Or do not. There is no try.” – Yoda

Love of Star Wars has reached epic proportions.  Wanting to find a free knitting pattern for the young Yoda or Princess Leia in your life?  These free patterns are offered courtesy of www.intheloopknitting.com



Knitting for children is fabulous. These little urchins are so darn adorable and then to dress them in something homemade?  This is just a combination for TLC....Texture Loving Cuteness!  Have you considered making a poncho for a little person? Keeping the pattern simple makes for a repetitive meditation so you can enjoy and create something sweet when knitting for children. How about this poncho using some of the bold colors of our Gum Ball yarn which Nicoles says is "sinfully soft".  Or if you are comfortable with playing with gauge,Punky Chunky is such a fun bulky fiber that it would be a quick project to get the big needles out and create a pop of rainbow color that any child would love!

Too cute, right?  This free bouquet poncho pattern courtesy of knitpicks is shown in a worsted weight yarn. Because ponchos are not an exact fit, keep your options open for fiber use and patterning...perhaps worsted weight is too ordinary for your children's poncho ideas?

So whatever you make be sure it is what you find pleasure in. Keep it simple and with baby and chlidren's knitting, its bound to be pure sweetness. The project can be as simple as you like and remember the smaller the project  the sooner you can feel the joy of finishing something. One project that is repetitive and can be great for a beginner is an afghan. Keep the pattern simple, use big needles and big yarn...and voila! You have a gift for that new baby. All Free Knitting offers options for newborns through adults.  Consider who you want to gift, your skill set and explore these free patterns . Ordinary is no longer the standard so when finding knitting patterns for newborns, babies and children, evaluate the pattern and then find your path to make this little piece of sweetness full of TLC! And remember, that the staff at Darn Good Yarn would love to help you with your fiber choices....oh yeah baby!