A girl standing on a gravel road wearing a sari silk bandana top. She's wearing a denim jacket over top and a button down skirt.. She's paired the look with boho jewelry
A woman standing on a white background with a Red paisley sari silk scarf top on, paired with blue jeans.
An up close shot of a model wearing an ella sari scarf top in the park. The top is a light green floral bandanna top that she's paired with dark army green shorts and a tan purse.
Ella Sari Scarf Top
A girl standing in a flower shop white a white & black sari bandana braided into her hair.
A model standing in a park wearing a sari silk bandana top and green shorts.
Five assorted furoshiki tied as triangles laying on a light yellow backdrop.
Pink and orange furoshiki is tied on a brown purse
Ella Sari Scarf Top

Ella Sari Scarf Top

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Get to know Ella

The Original Reclaimed Sari Scarf Top - The Ella is best described in 3 words: Soft, glamorous and luxurious. Each scarf top is 100% unique because they're made from reclaimed sari, creating beautiful tops as unique as you!

The simple style pairs effortlessly with the wide variety of vibrant colors and patterns it comes in. Easily wear yours as a bandana top, styled as a bandeau or tied in your hair, or as a cute belt or accessory.

Material: 100% Reclaimed Sari Material
Dimensions: 36" x 36"
Colors: Made from reclaimed sari, the Ella is available in hundreds of colors and patterns. If you have any preferred colors, let us know at checkout and we'll find the perfect fit for you.

  • 100% reclaimed traditional sari material sourced in India.
  • Silk blend.
  • Upcycled fabric.
  • Fair trade made. People Friendly. Earth Friendly.
  • Each piece of fabric has been on a journey of its own! They are high quality, handmade at our partnered co-ops.
  • Machine wash cold with like colors preferably in a mesh bag. Hang dry or low heat.

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