The Simple Dreamcatcher Pattern

Relax and have fun with this DIY dreamcatcher! Our kit to make your own dreamcatcher includes Single Ply Hemp Yarn and a sample card of Sari Silk Ribbon. Don't let the decorating stop there, you can add as little or as many beads, stones, fibers, feathers as you want.

Craft: DIY
Category: Home Decor - Wall Hanging 
Finished Dimensions: However long you would like your ribbon
Yarn Required: 1 Ball of Single Ply Hemp
                          1 5 Color Sample Card in Wildflowers
Materials: 10 inch metal hoop, darning needle, scissors, beads (not included)
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Designed By: Kay Wiley| @acupofcrochet

Looking for the kit, click here!