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Rustic Basket Pattern

Crochet this simple basket with our Linen Silk Yarn! And when you're finished you'll have the perfect place to put your fruit, your keys, or your favorite treats! Linen Silk Yarn is a wonderful blend that has a linen base with thrums of silk color woven in. It is an untamed yarn that gives this basket a sturdy substantive texture with artful and vivid streaks of color. This is a great beginner project - if you know how to slip stitch and single crochet, you are ready to go! Place this basket on your table, your bookshelf, or your desk as a perfect accent and organizer!

You will need two skeins of Vanilla Confetti Cake Bulky Silk Wool Blend and a size K crochet hook. Finished dimensions are approximately 8.5" diameter and 2" high.

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