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Hidden Heart Bag Crochet Kit

My Husband Did the Laundry
Why You Don't Wash Reds and Blues with Your Whites
I Can't Do Laundry...Sari
Oops I Did It Again

Including our unique, eco-friendly and awesome sari silk piping cord, this hidden heart bag crochet kit will have you "hooked" & make everyone jelly!

Product Specs:

Craft: Crochet
Category: Accessory - Bag 
Difficultly Level: Easy
Yarn Required: 3 100g Skeins of DGY Recycled Sari Silk Piping Cord
Hook Size: (not included) US N/15 (10mm) crochet hook
Materials: (not included) Tapestry needle and scissors
Finished Dimensions: Approx. 11" x 10"
Designed By: Shannon Sill / @wyldermindscreations

Looking for just the pattern? Click here!