Event and Wedding Planning Eco friendly Supplies

The Eco-Conscious Choice for Every Event Planner The event industry has long been plagued by an influx of environmentally damaging supplies, often requiring high minimum order quantities (MOQ's). These limitations don't just harm our Earth; they stifle the creativity and innovation of planners constrained by one-size-fits-all products.

Elevate Your Events with Authenticity & Customization We're changing the narrative. Introducing our exquisite collection of eco-friendly event and wedding planning supplies. Crafted from reclaimed silks from India, each piece radiates authenticity. But the real magic is in the customization. Our ribbons and materials can be dyed to match any shade you envision, tailored precisely to your event's theme. From Disney to Lane Bryant, major brands have trusted us with their custom installations, entrusting us to bring their unique visions to life.

  • Transform your events with our sustainably sourced, customizable materials, elevating both aesthetics and environmental responsibility. For planners who want their events to stand out while also standing up for the planet, we're your perfect partner. Start your sustainable event journey today – fill out the form above to learn more.
Event and Wedding Planning Ecofriendly Supplies

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