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Handmade Thick and Thin Wool Felt Ball Yarn

White with Multi Felt Balls
Black with Multi Felt Balls

This Thick and Thin Wool Yarn is created in Nepal and varies between worsted and chunky weighted yarn, giving each and every project a fabulous texture and shape. Made with 100% New Zealand Wool. 

Product Specs:

Length/Weight: 50 yards/100g
Yarn Weight: 4-6 - Fingering/Lace  
Yarn Material: 100% New Zealand Wool
Needle Size: US 15+
Hook Size: US M+ 
Gauge:  3/1 sts per inch
Physical Quality: Soft, a tiny bit scratchy (just as wool usually is), thick and thin texture looks great when worked up
How to clean: Wash in cold water on delicate cycle, air dry 
Best for:  Knitting, Crocheting - check out our CaPowl Pattern!