Yak Wool Yarn from Nepal

Soft and lofty, this yak yarn was a fun new fiber for your yarn stash. Yaks thrive in the high-altitude, frigid hills of the mountains in Tibet and Nepal, making this wool warmer than traditional sheep wool. We suggested that you use this yarn with larger needles and hooks to whip up your next project in no time!

Yak Wool Yarn from Nepal- Aztec Turquoise, a ball of teal wool yarn.
Aztec Turquoise
Yak Wool Yarn from Nepal- Black, a ball of black wool yarn.
Yak Wool Yarn from Nepal- Cumulus Cloud, a ball of gray wool yarn.
Cumulus Cloud
Yak Wool Yarn from Nepal- Deep Sea Blue, a ball of deep blue wool yarn.
Deep Sea Blue
Yak Wool Yarn from Nepal- Fluffy White Snow, a ball of squishy looking white wool yarn.
Fluffy White Snow
Yak Wool Yarn from Nepal- Mulberry, a deep berry pink ball of wool yarn.
Yak Wool Yarn from Nepal- Pink Candy, a ball of pastel pink wool yarn.
Pink Candy
Yak Wool Yarn from Nepal- Red, a ball of bright cherry red wool yarn.


Yarn Length:230 yards/100 grams
Yarn Weight:3 - Light
Yarn Material:100% Yak Wool
Needle Size:US 5-7
Hook Size:US I
Gauge:21-24 sts knit / 12-17 crochet sts per inch
Physical Quality:Similar to sheep's wool, evenly spun, great consistency, will lightly felt
How to Clean:Wash in cold water on delicate cycle, air dry
Best for:Knitting, Crocheting, Weaving and Felting