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January 22, 2019

Nicole Snow, Founder and CEO of Darn Good Yarn, teams up with to express her life changes, work style, and how she manages her work-life balance while being a new mom and small business owner. 

After a year of her life revolving around work, Nicole felt like she had very little control over her life. She was working non-stop and found herself in an unsustainable pattern and in a mindset that was setting her up for burnout. 

To create a healthy work-life balance, Nicole focused on reducing her stress while operating Darn Good Yarn with greater efficiency. She has managed this by categorizing what are the most important aspects of her life. According to Nicole, her answers were: “ my 2-year-old daughter and the opportunity to learn new skills. Identifying what’s truly important will help me re-prioritize and take a much more active approach to dedicating time to those areas.” 

Nicole has blocked off time to spend with her daughter, Anna and her husband, Mike. This strategy, mirrored by the likes of Paul Minors and Spencer Rascoff, focuses on allocating time for critical and productive work as it pertains to her business. Nicole has done this by streamlining the aspects of her working life as well as growing her support network of DGY employees. 

Nicole lives by the idea of “Go take action!” She has identified her priorities and taken the time to reflect on how her management affects all walks of her life. She has aligned these priorities with her company and personal goals.

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I'm a Woman Entrepreneur Who Created a Better Work-Life Balance. How You Can Do That, Too.