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Yarn of the Month Box 1: Welcome to the Party Headband or Cowl

May 26, 2020 1 min read



Cowl Pattern

The cowl is worked flat. It is 11SC  (single crochet) stitches wide, it does not use SL (slip) stitches.  The ch1 at the end of each row is like a little step up so when you FLO SC across the row you get a nice clean edge, when you start the next row that ch1 is not an extra stitch, it just helps keep the edge from rolling over on itself.  

Begin: CH 12
Row 1: SC in second stitch from hook, SC to end of row <11 STS>, CH1, turn work.
Row 2: FLO SC to end of row <11 STS>, CH1, turn work. Repeat this step until you have about 3 feet of yarn left. 
Finishing: Bind off and sew short edges together.