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Witch-Crafting: Making Your Own Nine Knot Spell

Written by Kate Curry

When I first began studying wicca and witchcraft, I was immediately drawn to knotting spells. The intricate knotting and use of magic in fiber art was right up my alley! The further I researched and the more that I learned - the more I fell in love with not only my spirituality, but with fiber art as well.

One of the most common spells is the nine knot spell. This spell is usually done to make a wish come to fruition or to help hold magical energy. The spell can be done by making nine simple knots, very similar to a witches ladder, or the knots can be placed into a piece of fiber art like a scarf or wall hanging.

To follow the spell, you make your knots while reciting the traditional spell of knots after thinking of what energy or wish you want to manifest.

🪢Traditional Spell of Nine Knots🪢:

By knot of one, the spell’s begun,
By knot of two, it cometh true,
By knot of three, thus shall it be,
By knot of four, ’tis strengthened more,
By knot of five, so may it thrive,
By knot of six, the spell we fix,
By knot of seven, the Stars of heaven,
By knot of eight, the hand of Fate,
By knot of nine, the thing is mine!

I like to do this by cutting a long strand of yarn. For this project, I used some sparkle worsted weight in morning glory! I folded the strand in half and made the first knot at the top, so I can hang the knot over my workspace. 

A hand with black painted nails is knotting the sparkling purple and yellow yarn

Create eight more knots while manifesting your dreams and wishes until the end of the strands, saying the spell. 

Once your knots are made, you can finish your project! If you make a simple witch’s ladder or a strand of knots, you can keep that strand in your pocket or hang it above your door or under your bed. If you’ve worked your knots into your WIP, you’ll be able to carry around your magic with other people being none the wiser!

This is not the only way to use knotting for spells. There are dozens of ways across cultures and magics to incorporate your magic in your fiber art. Not to mention using specific yarn colors to enhance your magic!  Send us some of your magical fiber art creations to info@darngoodyarn.com or you can tag us on instagram or facebook using the hashtag #darngoodyarn

Happy witch-crafting!

A heart made out of knotted purple and yellow sparkle yarn is forming a hart on a dark wooden table.

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