FREE PATTERN FRIDAY: The Snugly Love Bubble Hooded Cowl Knitting Pattern

This gorgeous hooded cowl knitting pattern was designed by Chantal Barnett of @YarniqueBlog. Chantal used our Variegated Thick and Thin Wool Yarn to create the snuggliest love bubble for you to keep warm in. This is a great knitting pattern for beginners! 

CRAFT: Knitting


  • Finished Measures: Hood: 14" x 11" laid flat. Cowl: 12" x 5" laid flat.
  • Gauge: 8 garter stitches =  4". Height of stitches is not important for this project.
  • The hood is worked flat, then seamed. You'll then pick up stitches along the bottom of the hood to work the cowl in the round.
  • Stitches per row are listed in <brackets>.

CO: Cast On

ST(S): Stitch(es)

K: Knit

P: Purl

PM: Place Marker

SM: Slip Marker

*-*: Repeat Pattern in Asterisks

BO: Bind Off



CO: 70 sts.

Row 1: K all odd number rows (read chart right to left).

P even number rows (read chart left to right).

Row 40: K 70. <70 sts>

Repeat: Row 1 until work measures 11”. <70 sts>

Finishing: BO all sts.

Assembly: Fold knit fabric in half so to make a 14" x 11" rectangle. Seam the CO edges together starting at the bottom corners and ending at the fold. You will now have a rectangle with one seamed side, two open sides, and the fold.

The Snugly Love Bubble Hooded  Knit Cowl


Begin: With a new strand of yarn CO 10. Pick up 50 sts evenly across the long, straight edge with the seam in the middle, join in the round, PM. <60 sts>

Row 1: *K1, P1*, SM <60 sts>

Repeat: Row 1 until work measures 5”, or desired length. <60 sts>

Finishing: BO all sts. (optional: you may want to use a stretchy bind off) Weave in your ends and you're done!

The Snugly Love Bubble Hooded Cowl Knit Pattern Finished