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Upcycling Your Jewelry With Yarn

Do you have any old jewelry that is a little blah

Sure, it has emotional value and it's pretty- but you do ever wonder if it could be better? 

One of my favorite ways to up-cycle jewelry is to add some of my favorite yarn to my bling :) It works great on old bracelets, chunky necklaces, leather jewelry, and anything you can think of! 

I have a few old leather anklets that I haven't worn in awhile, as well as an old bangle and a ring. 

A silver ring, bracelet, and a leather wrist cuff are sitting on a wooden table. Behind them are a few different hanks and cakes of multicolored yarn.

I used a few different types of yarn and knots to wrap my jewelry to give it new life!

The Ring: 

For this ring, I used some of our lace weight ombre yarn

A person's hand is holding onto a small ring. They are looping a thread of green yarn through the ring's center. A hand is holding the same silver ring with the yarn now tightly knotted onto the band of the ring.The person is now wrapping the band of the ring with the green yarn that they knotted to the ring.

The silver ring, the band now wrapped with green yarn, is being worn on the person's thumb. The person is holding their hand above a wooden table.

The Bangle: 

To add a little color and texture to my old bangle, I used our Sari Ribbon Yarn
A silver bangle is sitting atop a pile of dark green sari ribbon yarn.A person is now wearing the ribbon-wrapped bracelet on their wrist. They are laying their wrist on a wooden table.

The Leather Ankle/Wrist Cuffs: 

These cuffs have always been a favorite of mine, but the yarn that I added to them just made me love them more! They feel great and I love being able to wear my favorite yarns all the time! 

I upcycled two of my anklets, one with our worsted weight yarn and another with our sparkle lace weight yarn

A leather cuff is flipped over and a strand of multicolored yarn is knotted to the leather cuff. The leather cuff is now half-wrapped with the multicolored yarn. It is sitting on the cake of multicolored yarn on top of a wooden table.The leather wrist cuff is now fully wrapped with the multicolored yarn! It is laying flat against a wooden table.

A person is now wearing the yarn-wrapped cuff around their wrist.

If you want to give your jewelry some new life while also incorporating your love of fiber arts or your love of sustainable products and sourcing - adding some of our yarn is the perfect way to do that! :) 

The projects mentioned above (the yarn wrapped ring, the ribbon wrapped bracelet, and two of the yarn wrapped leather cuffs) are stacked on top of each other on a wooden table.

Happy crafting!!