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New Pattern: Hemp and Silk Braided Bracelet & Anklet

Written by Kate Curry

Who else made friendship bracelets in scouts or during summer camp? One of the best crafts that everyone can do and wear! We’ve used our lace weight silk yarn and our single-ply hemp to re-recreate this summer time favorite that you can make and wear all year round! 


Hemp Yarn

Lace Weight Silk Yarn (I used Exotic Rainbow)


Clipboard or tape 

A ball of single ply hemp yarn, a ball of rainbow lace weight silk yarn, and a blue measuring tape keychain are resting on a green and gold marble table mat.


Step One: Measure out each strand to be 38” long and knot them together with a long tail. 

Step Two: Tape the strands down to your work surface or use the clipboard. 

A close-up of a clip board with the top of the braided bracelet attached to the clip to keep it in place.

Step Three: You should have four strands of yarn 

Step Four: Using strand 1, make a forward knot on strings 2, 3, and 4. When you are done, strand 2 should be next in line. 

Step Five: Using strand 2 ,make a forward knot on strands 3, 4, and 1. 

Step Six: Continue the pattern with each strand until you have the length you need for your bracelet! 

Step Seven: When finished, knot the end of the strands. You can either old-school tie on the bracelet and it will fall off after time, or you can add some jewelry clasps so you can keep your piece forever! 

A pale hand is outstretched, wearing the hemp and silk braided bracelet around their wrist. In the background there is a gray an white geometric rug, a toy turtle, and a little back dog curled up asleep in her bed.

There are tons of other types of braiding and macrame techniques for you to try! We used the same yarn and used the spiral knot to make this funky little anklet! 

A foot wearing a white and black sock is showing off their ankle, which has a hemp and rainbow silk braided anklet.

For your bracelet or anklet, you can mix and match different colors and amounts of hemp and silk. For my bracelet I used 3 strands of hemp and 1 strand of silk, but for my anklet I used one strand of hemp and 6 strands of silk. Just have fun with it! 

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