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How To Crochet: Moss Stitch

Before You Start

The Moss Stitch helps create texture in your project. It can also be known as The Linen Stitch, The Woven Stitch, and the Granite Stitch!

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Step By Step

Single Crochet step 1

Step 1

Begin by working a foundation chain 3 stitches longer than your desired amount of stitches.

moss stitch

Step 2

Find the fourth chain stitch from your hook, this is the chain that you will be working into.

moss stitch

Step 3

Single crochet into the fourth chain stitch from your hook.

moss stitch

Step 4

Chain one. You will skip the next chain stitch on your foundation chain and work into the second chain stitch from the single crochet just worked.

moss stitch

Step 5

Single crochet.

moss stitch

Step 6

Chain one more. You will continue across the row by chaining one, and working a single crochet stitch into the second chain from the last single crochet worked.

moss stitch

Step 7

When you reach the end of the row you will finish with a single crochet stitch.

moss stitch

Step 8

Chain two stitches and turn your work. Find the last chain stitch worked before the final single crochet stitch on the previous row. It will appear as a small hole in your work. Single crochet into this chain stitch.

moss stitch

Step 9

Chain one. Repeat the single crochet in step 8 followed by a chain stitch across the row.

moss stitch

moss stitch

Step 10-11

When you reach the end of the row, you will single crochet into the chain stitches worked at the beginning of the previous row.

moss stitch

Step 12

You should now see your moss stitch beginning to form. Repeat steps 8-10 on each consecutive row.

chevron stich

Next Weeks Tutorial

In the last part of this How To Crochet Series, we will be going over the Single Crochet Chevron Stitch!