Leaf Sewing Project - Darn Good Yarn

Leaf Sewing Project


Leaf sewing is such a great activity to introduce kiddos to sewing. It is also a fun activity for little ones who are still working on their fine motor skills! Join us for this easy activity :)

Four leaves showing finished sewn leaves with purple and white Darn Good Yarn threaded through leaves.

Materials needed:

*Note: If you do not have a laminating machine you can still do this project. Simply just hole punch un-laminated leaves

Step 1: Gather Materials

Laminator, box of fresh leaves, skein of purple and white yarn, scissors, laminating sheet and hole punch on white background.

Step 2: Laminate Leaves

Place leaves in a laminating sheet. I was able to fit three leaves in one sheet. Depending on the size of the leaves you chose, you may be able to fit more! Then put sheet through your laminator

Box of fresh green leaves next to laminated sheet of green leaves on white background.Laminator feeding out laminated sheet of fresh green leaves.

Step 3: Cut Leaves Out of Sheet

Scissors laying next to (6) cut freshly laminated green leaves

Step 4: Punch Holes

Now, take your hole puncher and start punching holes onto your leaf. You can create and follow any design you’d like!

Hole punch laying next to three freshly laminated and punched green leaves

Step 5: Cut Yarn to Proper Length

Grab your Darn Good Yarn and scissors, cut about 24” or so of yarn. I used the Lilac Twist Sport Weight Silk Darn Good Yarn

Step 6: Start Yarn Threading

Put the yarn through whichever hole you would like to start at, and tie a knot

One completely punched green leaf with purple and white yarn tied into a knot through two of the holes on the tip.

Step 7: Weave

Weave yarn in and out through the holes until they are all sewn.

Laminated and punched green leave with seven holes on top woven with purple and white yarn.

Step 8: Finishing

Lastly, tie a knot and cut off the excess yarn. Wallah! You now have an assortment of beautiful decorated leaves

Finished woven leave with purple and white yarn with excess handing outside of finished craft.Finished woven leave with purple and white yarn with excess getting cut by scissors.