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KNIT: Recycled Silk Hat Experiment Free Pattern

Well, I'm sorry for the delay in getting this posted to everyone. I went on a vacation to Maine and NJ. I didn't bring the ol laptop and I always forget how tough it is to do anything on someone else's computer:)


So, here's the pattern, some pictures and a quick video.
httpv:// Also, don't forget to wear big ol earrings with it.

OK, so here is the pattern..FINALLY!!! It's easy peasy!
Materials: 1 Low Cost Kit which can be obtained here: Click Here!

A note about the kit... " You're going to get not only our premium recycled silk yarn but you're also going to get some other great supplies to send you well on your way to making this easy peasy hat!

So, aside from our Premium Recycled Silk Yarn you'll receive a needle for finishing too

An easy project!

Cast on 60 sts (If you have a smaller head CO 56)
Row 1: K2, P2, K2 across line, ending with P2.
Row 2 - 6: Repeat Row 1.
Row 7: Knit across
Row 8: Purl across
Repeat these 2 rows (which is stockinette stitch) until hat is 8.75 or so (your preference) from start, ending with a purl row.

Then on the next knit row K2tog, K continue this pattern until the end of the row

Then purl across

Now when you get into the realm of having around 3rd “round” of decreasing there is a little “fudging” that’s going to happen but because the hat is slouchy you can’t tell. I don’t know if I wasn’t paying attention (which is a very good possibility) So don’t curse me and don’t fret!!! OK so on your knit rows, k2tog then knit 1 at the end of the row you might end up with 3 stitches (I did), just knit those. Just continue decreasing for a few more rows purling straight across the purl rows until you have 10 sts left

Take a big needle and pull the thread through the 10 stitches. Pull the thread so you close the top. Handsew the sides together, using the thread from top to bottom. Make sure you take your time!

I know I sometimes (very stupidly) rush the sewing and it looks like..well.. $%#$. You get a big ol clump of yarn..not be sure to catch each stitch and finish it up nicely:)

Now throw on some big earrings and enjoy your creation!!!

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