Kid's Craft Box: Beaded Wiggle Snakes Tutorial - Darn Good Yarn

Kid's Craft Box: Beaded Wiggle Snakes Tutorial


Darn Good Yarn's very own talented Customer Service Specialist, Kate Curry, walks you through a cute DIY Kid's Craft using materials from our Darn Good Kids Craft Box. Cut the screen time and get the kids creating with this easy step-by-step tutorial that makes awesome beaded wiggle snakes.

Materials List

  • Jewelry Kit (included) 
  • Pipe Cleaners (not included) 
  • Glue (not included) 
  • Googly eyes (not included) 

Step One - Snake Tail Assembly

Tie a knot at the end of your pipe cleaner to make the snake’s tail.  

Snake Body Assembly Using Pipe Brown Pipe Cleaner

Step Two - Head Assembly Part 1 

Using your DGY jewelry kit, thread the beads onto the pipe cleaner, leaving an inch of pipe at the end to create the head.

Putting Clear Aqua Colored Beads on Brown Pipe Cleaner


Step Three - Head Assembly Part 2

With the inch of pipe, fold it over itself to create the snake’s head. 

Brown Pipe Cleaner Snake Head Assembly

Step Four - Snake Eyes

Using googly eyes (if you’re unlike me and lucky enough to have them in your house- I had to use paper eyes), glue those eyes to your snake’s head.

Step Five - Form Snake Into Bendy Shape

Bend your snake into different fun shapes!

Three bendy snakes on white window sill.