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How To Make Eco-Friendly Witch Bells | DIY Witch Bells

Written by Kate Curry

Witch bells have been used for hundreds of years to ward off negative spirits and are common to find in everyday homes. These bells will jingle whenever the door or window they’re hung off of are opened. The sound of the bells will let you know that someone is entering your space - both wanted and unwanted! 

Many Wiccans have some kind of spiritual chant to go along with their bells!:

“Little Bells on my door 
Let evil spirits come no more 
Guard my home from negativity 
Only let through good energy”

Thankfully, if you feel you need a little less negative energy in your space, these bells are wicked easy to make. 


On a dark wooden table lay a wooden hoop, two balls of sari ribbon yarn, a skein of sparkle lace weight yarn in watercolors, and a small pile of gold and silver bells.


Step 1: Prep Your Yarn

Measure out how long you want your yarn strands to be and cut to the desired length. There is no specific length requirement, so feel free to go for different lengths! My measurements are:

Sari Ribbon Yarn in Pickled Pear: 14 inches long
Sari Ribbon Yarn in Vintage Ivory: 9 inches long
Sparkle Lace Weight Silk Yarn in Watercolors: 6 inches long 
Cut up strips of green, white, and rainbow yarn.

Step 2: Thread The Bells

Thread your yarn/ribbon through the bell and pull it through so the bell is in the center of your yarn/ribbon.. Knot the two ends of the yarn or ribbon together

A hand is holding a golden bell that has been threaded through a strand of dark green sari silk ribbon yarn.
Three golden bells, all strung through dark green reclaimed sari silk ribbon yarn.

Step 3: Attach Your Fiber

Attach the ribbon to the circle with a simple loop.

Our wooden hoop with one green bell strand looped around the bottom of the hoop.
An up close picture of our wooden hoop with the green and white ribbon yarn attached to the bottom of the loom.

Step 4: Add Some Texture

Give your circle some texture and fullness. I cut some more lengths of yarn and ribbon and used a reverse larks head knot to give the bells some more texture!

Our Witch Bells, the wooden hoop now fully decorated with white and green sari ribbon yarn and the sparkle lace weight rainbow yarn, as well as the golden bells. In the background of the hoop is a cake of the sparkle lace weight yarn.

Step 5: Add Any Extra Bling You'd Like!

All done! You can add flowers, charms, or any other decoration to your bells to give it the look you want!  I also wrapped the yarn around the rest of the circle so it didn’t seem as naked.

The finished Witch Bells hanging off a white door in the sunlight.

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