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How To Knit: Continental Style

Unlike traditional American styles of knitting, Continental Knitting incorporates the left hand, similar to crochet (this makes it a lot easier for crocheters to learn how to knit!)

Once you get the hang of it, Continental Knitting will help you make knit stitches much faster. Create this Spring Vibes Shawl in just half the time with this tutorial.



Step 1

Pull your yarn to the back and wrap your working yarn around your left index finger. Press the working yarn against your left needle to make sure you have some tension while you knit.


Step 2

Insert your right needle into your next stitch on the left needle.

Continental Knitting Step 3

Step 3

Lift your left index finger up and begin to wrap your working yarn around the right needle.

Continental Knitting Step 4

Step 4

Take your right index finger, pinch the working yarn and stitch down onto your right needle. This will ensure that it does not slide off the needle while you finish knitting that stitch.


Step 5

Push your right needle through the stitch as you normally would while knitting.


Step 6

Pull your stitch off the left needle.