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How To Knit: Cast Off

Before You Start

So now you know how to cast on, knit stitch and purl stitch. All that’s left is finishing off your project by learning how to cast off!

Step By Step


  • Any size Knitting Needles (we recommend size 5-8 for beginners)
  • Any Yarn

Step 1

Start off by knitting 2 stitches.

Step 2

Insert left needle into the first stitch (that was worked on the right needle), from left to right.

Step 3

Now, with the left needle, lift the first stitch worked over the second stitch on the right needle.

Step 4

Move the lifted stitch over and off the needle. At this point, you will now have only one stitch on your right needle!

Step 5

Knit 1 more stitch from the left needle.

Steps 6

Repeat steps 2-5 until one stitch remains on right needle.

Step 7

Loosen the final stitch and slide off the needle.

Step 8

Cut yarn leaving a 12” tail and pull through loop.

Step 9

Finally, tighten to secure the ends!

Congratulations! You have officially learned the foundation of knitting and can now complete your first project.

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