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God's Eye

What is a “God’s Eye?"

In Spanish, Ojo de Dios or “Eye of God” is a traditional Mexican spiritual object believed to hold all-seeing powers and provide protection to those who create them. Simple in construction, making a God’s Eye requires two sticks, some fiber, and your imagination. The sticks can be made of just about anything as long as they don’t bend. We’ve used sticks straight from the yard for large ones and popsicle sticks for small ones to hang as ornaments. 

Illustration of 3 multicolored Eyes of God

Fiber Choices!

The fiber you choose to use for your Eye can be just about anything. Of course, yarn, string, and ribbon work super well. Other colorful crafty stuff you have laying around is definitely fair game. One of the best parts about Eyes of God is that you can make them any size and use just about any material! It’s a perfect way to use up extra yarn from your stash and do a little creating.

Great for occupying children!

What better way to put all those tiny humans to work than by getting started on next year’s holiday decorations! Eyes of God are so easy to make so it’s perfect crafting fun for all ages!