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Fun For Yarn Lovers: DIY Quote Wall Art


Personalize your living or work space with this simple and unique DIY. Make it yours by picking a quote that speaks to you. There are literally a gazillion quotes on Pinterest to choose from. This tutorial is renter-friendly, meaning that it won't leave your walls with a bunch of little holes! It was designed by the talented Rachel Castro, a DIY'er, designer and photographer local to Upstate, N.Y.

Yarn wall quote on display

Craft: DIY

Skill Level: Beginner

Note from Artist: This is an easy project, but does take some time, so patience is a virtue! I found it best to work on a few words a night (rather than do in one sitting) OR stick to a shorter quote. 


Yarn Quote Wall Art Materials

Materials for Yarn Quote Wall Art


Step 1: Pick your quote, print & cut out your words

It’ll make your life so much easier to pick a very bold, blocky font. Also, the bigger the font size the easier as well. After you’ve laid out your quote in word or other program, print it out.

Start by cutting out all your words for your quote. Trim as much of the white space as possible, as this will help you space your your words better.

If you’d like to do the quote I’ve featured, here’s a download that’s ready for print for you!

Taped Words - Yarn Quote Wall Art

Step 2: Tape your quote into place

Line up and space our your words as you like, then tape them down to temporarily secure them.

Note: I find it easiest to complete steps 3- 5 a few words at a time before starting again. That way your arm or clothing isn’t getting caught on pins as your going!

Step 1 Yarn Quote Wall Art - letters taped to poster oard

Step 3: Add the pins

Start by pushing a pin in the first corner of the first letter. When you push through the foam board, you’ll feel when it hits the back edge. Stop there! Don’t push it all the way through the board. It’s best if you push it in as straight as possible.

Add a pin in each corner or intersection of a letter. You can also add extra pins for longer gaps between the sections of the letter. Don’t forget the inside sections of a letter.

Double check that you haven’t missed any letters with pins because you won't have the paper to reference past this stage.

Step 2 Yarn Quote Wall Art - Letters pinned to posterboard

Step 4: Carefully rip off the words

It’s important to remove the paper words before you start wrapping the yarn or it’s nearly impossible to remove! Carefully rip the paper and remove it. If it’s challenging in a spot you can take out a pin, then place it back in the same hole once the paper is gone.

Step 4 Yarn Quote Wall Art -Rip Paper Off

Step 4 Yarn Quote Wall Art - Rip the paper off

Step 4Yarn Quote Wall Art - No paper left, pin outline

Step 5: Wrap your Yarn

Start by using a single knot on one of the corners of your first letter. Then choose your patch and wrap around the pins, criss-crossing to your liking. I find it best to start with the first or last letter in the word, whichever is easier to pick out; like an E, L or A. Curvy letters like U, B and S are much more challenging to see. 

If you don’t like the way the letter is looking simple unwrap and restart with a different direction.

Once you’ve finished your letter, finish it off by doing another single knot but make sure it’s at the exact spot of your end pin, so it’s taught and doesn’t unravel. Trim the extra pieces as close to the knots as possible.

Switch up your yarn colors to put more emphasis on certain words or to add variety!

Step 5 Yarn Quote Wall Art: Loop your yarn around the pin

Step 5 Yarn Quote Wall Art: Loop your yarn around the pin

Step 5 Yarn Quote Wall Art: Make a letter with the yarn around the pin

Step 5 Yarn Quote Wall Art: Close up of  letter with the yarn around the pin

Step 5 - Tie the knot to finish your yarn letter

Step 5 continued

Step 5 continued - yarn written in yarn

Step 6: Add command strips & hang

Once you’re done, add a few command strips to the back of your poster board and hang it! If you ever want to do a new quote, you can recycle your board by simply taking out all the pins and using the backside of the board.

Step 6 - hang your posterboard

Step 6: add command strips and hang