Summer Solstice Clutch - Darn Good Yarn

Summer Solstice Clutch

Before You Start:

This clutch works up super quickly! The chunky stitches, silky yarn, and fringe edge make it a great summer bag. You can try adding a chain (maybe from an old handbag or from a craft store), a pom pom, or a tassel, and connecting it to the sides of the fold.

Project Details:

Designed By: Eliana Epstein
Skill Level: Beginner
Craft: Crochet


2 skeins of Sari Silk Ribbon Yarn in two different colors or any other type of 6 weight super bulky yarn.
Darning Needle (not included)
Scissors (not included)
Hook Size - 10 mm Crochet Hook (not included)


SC - Single Crochet


Working on body of bag:
Cast on 14 stitches in Color A
Row 1: Worked in Color A; SC in second chain from hook, SC 13 stitches (13stitches)
Row 2: Chain 1, SC in each stitch, cut yarn (13 stitches)
Row 3: Worked in Color B; Chain 1, SC in each stitch (13 stitches)
Repeat Row 3 for 14 more rows
Row 18: Worked in Color A; Chain 1, SC in each stitch (13 stitches)
Repeat Row 18 for next row
This is the end of the body, do not cut yarn

Working on Sides:
With Color B still on hook, fold the bag at center and SC 7 stitches along side
Cut yarn
Using color B; Start at bottom at bag and work SC 7 stitches on opposite side
Cut yarn

Working on flap:
This will be worked as a single crochet, essentially continuing only one of the side of the bag
Using Color A OR B; SC 13 (13 stitches)
Row 1: SC, Chain 1
Repeat for 5 rows
Fold flap over front of bag to work on trim:
Cut 13 ~7 inch strips of Color B
Fold one strip in half to form a loop, pull loop from back to front of first stitch
Pull two ends of strip through to form first fringe knot
Repeat for each stitch along flap, forming a fringe of 13 strips
If necessary, trim fringe so it is even

Add a chain to bag by connecting to to sides of bag
I also highly recommend blocking this bag when you’re done with it!
This should create a double stranded handle