Free Pattern Friday: Silk Garter & Lace Summer Cocoon Coat - Darn Good Yarn

Free Pattern Friday: Silk Garter & Lace Summer Cocoon Coat

This knitted, lightweight summer sweater is great for beginners because not only will it work up super fast but our Sari Silk Ribbon Yarn is super forgiving! Plus, this pattern would look amazing in one of our bright sari silk colors. 

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Project Details: 
Skill Level:  Beginner/Intermediate
Craft: Knit
Gauge: Knit in Garter Stitch—4” Square = 6 Stitches by 16 Rows

Needle: US 19 / 15 mm circular knitting needles (24” long) 
Yarn:  4 Skeins of Darn Good Yarn’s Sari Silk Ribbon (pictured in Vintage Ivory)
Other: Darning Needle, Scissors


CO: Cast on
P: Purl
K:  Knit
K2TOG: Knit two together (1 stitch decreased)
YO: Yarn over (1 stitch increased)
RS: Right side of work
WS: Wrong side of work

Project Notes:
Finished Dimensions: This coat is available in one size (fits most) - Rectangle is approximately 34” x 24”, and is modeled on a 34” chest circumference
Construction: This coat is knit flat from one sleeve cuff to the other. After casting on, the cuff will be knit in garter stitch, then the short sleeves and body will be knit using alternating sections of lace like stitch and garter stitch. Once the body is finished, the last sleeve cuff will be knit in garter stitch before casting off using a stretchy bind off. The modeled piece shown here used the Icelandic Bind Off method. The pattern repeat is any even number of stitches. The Sari Silk Ribbon Yarn does not have any stretch, so it is important to not knit too tight. Ensure you are able to insert your working needle completely into the stitch to be worked and that you wrap the yarn around the entire circumference of the needle keeping your tension a bit loose.


Cast On:
Using the circular needle and a long-tail cast on, CO 34 stitches

Sleeve Cuff:
Row 1 - 5: Knit

Main Body:
Row 6: Slip the first stitch knitwise, *YO, K2TOG, repeat from * until last stitch, K1
Row 7: Repeat row 6
Row 8 - 9: Knit
Row 10 - 15: Repeat row 6
Row 16 - 19: Knit
Row 20 - 25: Repeat row 6
Row 26 - 29: Knit
Row 30 - 35: Repeat row 6
Row 36 - 39: Knit
Row 40 - 45: Repeat row 6
Row 46 - 49: Knit
Row 50 - 55: Repeat row 6
Row 56 - 59: Knit
Row 60 - 65: Repeat row 6
Row 66 - 67: Knit
Row 68 - 69: Repeat row 6
Row 76 - 77: Knit
Row 78 - 79: Repeat row 6
Sleeve Cuff:
Row 80 - 84: Knit
Bind off:
Row 85: Using a stretchy bind off method (ex: Icelandic Bind Off), bind off all stitches
Cut yarn with scissors leaving a 12 inch tail.
  1. Lay the finished rectangle out flat with the short side vertical and the long side horizontal. Fold the top left corner halfway down and the bottom left corner halfway up so they meet in the middle of the short (vertical) side.
  2. Using darning needle, secure tail to opposite corner of work, picking up the edge bumps and seaming along the five sleeve cuff garter rows to close the sleeves.
An upclose image of a person's shoulder. They're wearing a black tank top underneath their sari ribbon yarn cocoon coat.
Repeat with opposite corners.
Tie off and weave in all ends.
What do you think of this pattern? Pretty awesome right?