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Darn Good Yarn’s Great Yarn Pumpkin: How to Make Your Own!


The Great Yarn Pumpkin is said to appear for a only a few weeks each year. When the leaves change colors and days get shorter, the Great Yarn Pumpkin is near. If you haven't seen or heard of the Great Yarn Pumpkin, there's no need to fear! The simple steps to make your own are right here:

(DGY's Great Yarn Pumpkin is a super easy and clean alternative to pumpkin carving, perfect for kids and crafters of all ages! Plus, the integrity of the pumpkin is preserved, which means it will last much longer than your traditional jack-o-lantern!)



Step 1

Wipe your pumpkin down, removing any excess dirt. Figure out the final 'look' you want your pumpkin to have. This example shows a messy approach because we wanted our final pumpkin to look like a darn good yarn ball. 

Step 2

Find the loose end of your yarn and tape it to the body of the pumpkin. 

Step 2: tape the end of your yarn to the pumpkin

Step 3 

Wrap your yarn around the pumpkin to fit your desired final aesthetic. For the 'yarn ball look', wrap your yarn around the pumpkin until no orange can be seen. Use the pumpkin stem as a base to stabilize the yarn.

Step 3: Wrap your pumpkin with yarn, using the stem as a base.


Step 4 
Once your pumpkin is completely wrapped, cut the yarn as needed. Tuck the loose end of yarn into one of the wrapped layers. You can tie a simple knot to hold the yarn in place, if you'd like.

Step 5 
Use scraps of the same or different yarn to decorate your yarn pumpkin with fun tassels. To make tassels, cut scraps of yarn into pieces that are 4-5" in length. Fold the scrap of yarn in half, end to end, and tuck it into a loop of yarn on the pumpkin.  

Step 5 - make your tassels

Pull the two loose ends of yarn through the loop, and pulling them tight to create the tassel. Check out our tutorial for fancier tassels here

Step 5 continued: make your tassels

Step 6: 

Show us your final work of art! Snap a picture of your Great Yarn Pumpkin and post it using the tags @DarnGoodYarn and #TheGreatYarnPumpkin. 

Step 6: Snap A Pic of Your Finished Great Yarn Pumpkin