Crochet Support Ribbons for Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School - Darn Good Yarn

Crochet Support Ribbons for Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School

Grab some maroon yarn and a crochet hook to help make Crochet Ribbons in support of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

Tori, of @threadsbytori, is rallying crocheters across the country to make 3,500 ribbons for March For Our Lives - Parkland on Saturday, March 24th. 

In this very special tutorial, Tori will show you how to make these Crochet Support Ribbons:

Here are written step by step directions:

Step 1: Chain 26 sts. Turn 

Step 2: Single crochet 25. Chain 1. Turn.

Step 3: Single crochet in next 9 stitches. Two single crochets in each of the next 7 stitches. Single crochet in next 9 stitches. Chain 1. Turn. 

Step 4: Single crochet in first 3 stitches. Form ribbon by twisting the top half under the bottom half. Place the hook in the 4th single chain and connect to the bottom half in the fourth single crochet on the other side. Yarn over. Pull through both single crochets. Yarn over and pull through the 2 loops on the hook.

Step 5: Continue with single crochets around the entire ribbon connecting the top and bottom layers in the connecting corners and using 3 single crochets in each bottom corner.

Step 6: End by connecting first and last single crochets with a slip stitch

Please send completed ribbons to the address below by Tuesday, March 20th: 

3 Noel Lane 
Jericho, NY 11753 

Thank you as we show love and support for the Marjory Stoneman Douglas community! 

"Great things are brought about and burdens are lightened through the efforts of many hands anxiously engaged in a good cause."