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Sam - Community Engagement & Skirt Specialist

Name: Sam

Pronouns: She/Her 

Facebook: Sam at DGY

Hello everyone, “it’s your Captain speaking!” I am Sam - also known as “Samantha” when I do something uncalled for in front of my mother. ;)

I found Darn Good Yarn after a long journey of refusing to settle for people, places, or jobs that I was not in love with. To say I’ve found the right fit would be an understatement. 

Most of my young adult life I worked with horses; as a trainer, I worked overnights doing foaling, and of course, I rode often and it took up most of my free time. Once I was old enough to pursue a career, it made sense that horses would be at the center of it all - but life had other plans. Despite the fact that I loved working with horses, manual labor farm jobs were not producing a pay rate that would allow me to support myself independently. I had to make a tough decision, pivot, and allow the ambition that had followed me since I was very young to push me elsewhere.

It will come as no surprise to anyone that knows me that I worked full time as a bartender for four years...and it was awesome. I got to meet people from all walks of life, use my sassy personality, listen to music and essentially “hangout” with people all day. Of course, bar brawls and discontented customers always were a job hazard, but I had so much fun, and it allowed my personality to really blossom. However, once I hit 26, I wasn’t quite as excited anymore by that scene. Work had turned into a more laborious task, rather than an enjoyable one. I was craving something that had me jumping out of bed in the morning. (Not crawling into my bed at 6am after too long of a night) :)

Enter scene - DGY. 

I began working here in the warehouse, and when I started, I didn’t know the difference between lace weight and worsted weight yarn. I had also never heard of a sari wrap skirt. I immediately became completely enamored with the products we have from all over the world, and the fabrics in every single shade you could imagine. This was a very unexpected fit for me, as someone who sticks to her men’s t-shirts and leggings ‘uniform’ most of the time. Once I was settled in, I was sticking my hands in everything they would let me; photography, social media, LIVE sales, and eventually my own static sales. Now, I am the manager of our online community, I contribute to our social media, and I get to curate and conduct my own sales! Not bad for a cynical bartender who couldn’t pronounce “Amigurumi” 2 years ago. :)

Does it get much better than that?

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AKA - The Cruise Director.