Nicole, Founder and CEO

Nicole, Founder and CEO

DGY Yarn Name: Wild Sparkles   

Title: Founder, CEO

Nicole founded Darn Good Yarn in 2008 when she wanted to combine her passion for creating, and her dedication to helping others. Nicole has brought Darn Good Yarn from being a company run out of a small basement in Maine, to #599 on Inc. Magazines Top 5,000 Fastest Growing Companies of 2017. Darn Good Yarn was also named #12 on the Inc.’s Top 26 Coolest Products of 2017, and Nicole herself was named to Inc.’s Top 5 Most Influential Entrepreneurs of 2017. When Nicole isn’t running around managing and evolving Darn Good Yarn, she is running around chasing her and Mike’s daughter, Anna. Every Saturday, she hopes for a little extra sleep time; if that doesn’t happen, it’s probably because Anna is using Nicole and Mike as a human jungle gym. Once adventure time is over, it’s time for a delicious breakfast and quality time with whatever library books were picked up the week before. This year, Nicole hopes to continue to lead the growth of Darn Good Yarn, and particularly its footprint of goodness, which is felt globally.

Nicole earned her Bachelor of Science Degree with Honors in Business and Technology Management from Clarkson University (where she met Mike!) Not only was she in Air Force ROTC, but she was also a Resident Advisor, and played Varsity Tennis.

1. What about the mission of Darn Good Yarn hits home for you and why? 

Since I started Darn Good Yarn, the “Made In” value for me has been the driving force behind everything. It has been such an adventure to work with artisans over in India and Nepal, and to see how the work they are doing through Darn Good Yarn has given them the opportunity to live a better lifestyle. Being able to share love and opportunity is such a powerful thing.

2. What is your favorite DGY product and why?

Tibet Jewels. It makes my knitting look super-hero-esque. I love the organic lines and the vibrant colors. Whenever I knit something with it, I know I'm going to have a conversation around it!