Claudia, Customer Service Specialist - Darn Good Yarn

Claudia - Customer Service Specialist


I'm the woman in your voicemail or answers your DGY calls "with an accent" :D

8 years ago, I was a teacher by profession until I decided I no longer want to bring home lesson plans. I decided doing virtual jobs - Time Warner Cable then Sprint, and it was March of 2018 when I started working for Darn Good Yarn as a customer service representative. I remembered when I was working 5 days a week (pre-pandemic) in an actual office , I always confused my colleagues when it's Fridays because I keep telling them it seemed like it was only the 3rd day of the week. That's how I love my job :)

Little did everyone know, I am working remotely from the Philippines, so if you had ever asked me how was the weather, I am not sure which time zone you were referring to but sure as hell we have the same weather as Hawaii!

I love binge watching Forensic Files in any days. Odd fact about me, I do not like drinking water. My DNA will never be stolen.


1. What about the mission of Darn Good Yarn hits home for you and why?

Turning discarded products into something beautiful and useful. Not only this company continues to save tons of materials going to waste but also, it provides safe and sustainable employment including people abroad.

The management is very thoughtful of their employees and I feel like I am part of the family<3

2. What kind of crafting are you into? How did you learn? ("Crafting" in the broad sense, anything you make or do that's creative or fun)

Honestly, I don't do any crafting activity. I am always in awe with people doing DIY but I express my creativeness in dancing-- ethnic and modern. When I was in Uni, I was awarded best in Stage Presence and Choreography.

3. What's your favorite Darn Good Yarn product and why?

Have you seen our Sari Wrap Skirts? That's my favorite DGY product. It's fun, it's unique and it looks good in any body shapes! :)