World Humanitarian Day

Did you know that April 19th is World Humanitarian Day? According to, a humanitarian is "a person concerned with the welfare of all humankind." Something we should all strive to be.

World Humanitarian Day is an internationally recognized day to acknowledge and celebrate those who have lost their lives working for humanitarian causes. Darn Good Yarn has spent the last 12 years supporting oppressed global citizens and artisans in finding sustainable economic independence, and encouraging eco-conscious practices to help protect our earth. We work to start at love every day. What does that mean? We are compassionate with the intent to make positive changes every day. 

Using the hashtag #RealLifeHeroes, people across social media can recognize those among us who have taken risks, and weathered the impossible to do good, and do better, in this world in which we are all connected. 

In 2020, #RealLifeHeroes emerged all around us. We gave back to frontline workers, underserved communities who needed PPE during COVID, and this August we are giving back to educators, with 20% off of our project kits, and a 20% give back to these unsung heroes. Essential workers—from grocery store employees, to veterinary personnel, to restaurant delivery people—were asked to do their jobs while a pandemic raged around us. Our DGY community rose up each and every time we asked for support, and supported one another. We gave back, we kept each other connected, and, most importantly, we never lost hope. 

After discovering and falling in love with a recycled yarn (we like to call it our OG yarn), our founder and CEO Nicole launched this company to try and disrupt the crafting industry in the hopes of encouraging the practices that support our Start @ Love mission. We try to Do Good in everything we do. 

We encourage you to share your #RealLifeHeroes not only on your own social feeds, but in our groups and with us as well. Let’s celebrate each and every person who has, in whatever way, risen up to make our world a stronger and better place. Don't forget to tag us @darngoodyarn or use #darngoodyarn in your social posts with who you are supporting today.

If you are shopping today, and we understand if you aren’t, here are Nicole’s top 5 DGY product picks in honor of this cause and our mission. They are all created by the artisans we help to support.